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Description:Multiple Emulator Super System, emulating all sorts of consoles/computers.
Developer/Porter:Fabien Coeurjoly
This is a build of MESS 0.113, the Multiple Emulator Super System, emulating all sorts of consoles/computers (see http://www.mess.org to see the impressive list).

This emulator shares a great part of MAME sources, and thus suppors the same features.
For this port however, the GUI isn't implemented yet (it may come later if there's some interest).

Please refer to mess documentation for usage. Here are some useful examples (assuming you have needed bios files in roms/):
- "mess c64 -cart something.crt" for a c64 computer
- "mess nes -cart somegame.nes" for a nes console
- "mess saturn -cdrm somegame.chd" for a saturn console
- "mess a500n -bios kick13.rom -floppydisk1 something.adf" for an a500 computer
- "mess gameboy -cart somegame.gb" for a gameboy console

Some useful display options:
- window for window mode (can be changed on the fly with enter+alt)
- [no]hardware/-[no]hw to [disable]/enable overlay output (can be changed on the fly with enter+shift).

If you use a computer system, you may wonder how to quit: first press insert to switch to partial keyboard emulation,
and then press esc or window close gadget.

If you have any problems or suggestions, contact me at: fabien.coeurjoly@wanadoo.fr .

Upload Date:Jul 11 2017
Size:11 MB
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