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Description:Send input events from shell.
Developer/Porter:Antoine Dubourg
Short: Send input events from shell
Uploader: tcheko@no-log.org (Antoine Dubourg)
Author: tcheko(at)no-log.org (Antoine Dubourg)
Type: util/misc
Version: 1.1
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 1.4
Replaces: AntiFlow-1.1.lha

AntiFlow is a small CLI tool that inserts events in the input device chain.
It allows the insertion of any kind of events as documented in the RKRM
Libraries, Filter Objects and Input Description Strings.

If some AREXX commands are missing in a tool, AntiFlow can help acting
on the user interface by sending events to the window.

o - Installation & Requirements

No installer required. Just copy AntiFlow to C:

It shall works from MorphOS 1.4.x. (untested). It needs 2.5KB disk space
and very small amount of memory. No external components required.

o - AntiFlow Usage


NB: The string is reversed before insertion: "foobar" will be inserted as

o - Supported Keywords and Qualifiers


"space", "backspace", "tab", "enter", "return", "esc", "del",
"up", "down", "right", "left", "f1", "f2", "f3", "f4", "f5",
"f6", "f7", "f8", "f9", "f10", "f11", "f12", "help"


"lshift", "rshift", "capslock", "control", "lalt", "ralt" ,
"lcommand", "rcommand", "numericpad", "repeat"

NB: Mouse qualifiers hasn't been tested.

o - Examples

*** Sending "make" in a shell:

AntiFlow "\nekam"

Notice the string reversal.

*** Sending a single key for activating a button:

AntiFlow "<upstroke a>a"

Upstroke keyword releases the key event. (IECODE_UP_PREFIX).
This is mandatory for buttons or other MUI objects : they react on release.

*** Sending a menu command with shortcut:

AntiFlow "<rcommand N>"

The target window must be active.

*** Sending a single hotkey:

AntiFlow "<control f1>"
AntiFlow "<lalt lshift control f1>"

*** Navigating through user interface (assuming cycle chain is set):

AntiFlow "<tab>"

or going reverse path

AntiFlow "<shift tab>"

*** Sending a sequence of events:

AntiFlow "<upstroke return><return><tab><tab><tab>"

This will send "<tab><tab><tab><return><upstroke return>"

o - AREXX example

/* Send an event from an arexx script */
address command 'AntiFlow "<rcommand O>"'

o - Credits & Acknowledgements

Thanks to antibike for the idea.

o - History

1.1 - Fixed missing version string
Some typos removed

1.0 - Initial release
Some examples corrected

Upload Date:Apr 30 2017
Size:2 KB
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