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Description:An open source project focused on the playability of Ultima IV on modern systems.
Short: XU4 - Ultima IV Recreated
Author: J-P Jokela
Uploader: jpjokela gmail com (J-P Jokela)
Type: game/role
Version: 1.0beta3
Requires: PowerSDL
Architecture: ppc-morphos
URL: http://jupp3.binaryriot.org/releases/

This the MorphOS port of xu4: Ultima IV Recreated. It needs data files,
that are freely available.

First, download Ultima 4 archive from the following page:
direct link:

Unarchive its contents to xu4/ultima4 directory.

Second, you might want to download graphics upgrade from:
direct link:

Again, unarchive the contents to xu4/ultima4 directory, overwriting old
files, when prompted.

Now you should be basically ready to play... But if you want to hear
musics (you should!), you need to download & install one last archive:
direct link:

Extract contents to xu4/ directory, overwriting existing files, when


Q:The game doesn't work!
A:Did you install the data files (3 archives) as instructed?

Q:The musics don't work!
A:While the game comes with midi musics, the current PowerSDL version
lacks midi support. For music, you should install the roland sound
canvas ogg regordings (the 3rd listed archive) - the quality is better
than SDL has on other platforms!

Q:How do I play this game?
A:You can find faithful reproduction of the original instructions & books
that came with the original here: http://paradroid.net/u4/docs.html
You can also check spoiler-free "Beginner's guide" available here:

Q:What makes this game different from other RPG's from the same era?
A:It's probably the first ever computer RPG with a plot, that isn't basically:
"You must kill the apprentice of the evil dude you killed in the prequel."
It's also the first Ultima series game where you can properly talk to
other characters.

Q:Dungeon graphics don't look very good...
A:There are some higher quality tiles for SOME walls, but they don't seem
quite correct & look even worse when mixed with "old" walls. Might be
fixed some day...

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Upload Date:Apr 09 2017
Size:2 MB
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