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Description:Private general purpose support library.
Developer/Porter:Christian Rosentreter
Short: Private general purpose support library
Author: Christian Rosentreter <karibu@gmx.net>
Version: 1.0 (05.11.04)
Type: util/libs
Requires: MorphOS 1.x

get9.library 1.0 (05.11.04)
©2004 Christian Rosentreter


-- intro

Get9 is a standard MorphOS shared runtime library using SysV
ABI. Get9 contains miscellaneous functions which I reused
frequently in my programs and therefore make sense to put in
a Library for quicker, easier reuse and saving ressources.

For now it's a private Library, but in future it will become
a public one which can be used by interested developers. As
soon documentation is done and API is fixed a SDK (including
AutoDocs and includes for gcc (MorphOS)) will be made public.

-- installation

Copy get9.library to SYS:Libs/

-- support

Following programs already make use of get9.library:

euph0ria 1.2+
mr.banana 1.3+
snes9xstarter 2.2+
transpoclock 1.5+ (by jacaDcaps)


cpu monitor 1.6+
statline 0.11+

-- disclaimer

get9.library is Copyright © 2004 by Christian Rosentreter.

get9.library is FREEWARE. There's no adware, spyware, shareware
demands or anything like that. You are allowed to use and copy
it as long as you don't have commercial interests. The archive
must remain complete and unchanged when you copy get9.library.

Distribution of get9.library 1.0 with your programs needs
explicit permission of the author (this can change for later

The author cannot guarantee the correct function of get9.library
and can't be made responsible for any negative consequences
that may result from the use of get9.library.

-- author/ contact

Christian 'tokai' Rosentreter

email: karibu@gmx.net
web: http://www.christianrosentreter.com/releases/

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