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Description:A DTP Program by Carsten Siegner.
Developer/Porter:Carsten Siegner
Short: A DTP Program
Author: Carsten Siegner <carstensiegner@osnanet.de>
Type: text/dtp
Version: 3.91
Replaces: text/dtp/Calimero_3.9.lha
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 3.9


Calimero is a powerfull DTP program.


+ Import AmigaGuide, MicrosoftWord 2003 XML, TXT,UTF-8 encodet TXT,
+ Export AmigaGuide, PDF, TXT, ODT, HTML, UTF-8 encodet TXT, EPUB
+ Postscript Printer Support
+ Multipage handling
+ Treated long pages
+ Multi Column handling (up to three columns)
+ Support of Softpagebreak and Hardpagebreak
+ Header/Footer
+ Separators
+ Hyperlinks in text and grafic)
+ Textwarping
+ Rowstyles (Paragraph/Header 1 - 4)
+ Lists
+ Table of Contents
+ Backgroundtexture
+ Vectorshapes and - text
+ FTP Client (to upload whole websides on a ftp server)
+ Full multitasking (a main task and three sub render tasks)
+ Full object-oriented system
+ Render up to 100 barcode types
+ Automatic hyphenation
+ Spellchecking
+ Tables
+ Spreedsheeds
+ Charts

Version beta_0.7:

+ First public version

Version beta_0.8:

+ Text wrap around objects (pictures, shapes...)
+ Text split at space character while wraping (if possible)
+ Realtime Spellchecking
+ Check spelling of single words
+ bugfixing

Version beta_0.9:

+ Shortcut handler
+ Bugfixes

Version beta_0.10:

+ The cursor have a new shape and blink now
+ A new window: Special characters.
Now it's possible to insert special character
like any grafic symbols or russian characters.

Version beta_0.12:

+ Import of vectorgraphic (SVG,WMF,DR2D)
+ New object transformation system (like the one in OpenOffice)
+ Save vectorgraphic in project files
+ Open Projectfiles with vectorraphic in it.
+ Drag'n'Drop of pixel- or vectorgraphic

Version beta_0.13:

+ Bugfixing
+ New shape: Textbox
+ New: rectangles with round edges
+ New virtual button concept
+ transparent filling of objects

Version beta_0.14:

+ Bugfixing
+ New: Layer - system for objects (No full layer support in html and odt in this version)
+ New: Copy / Cut objects to clipboard
+ New: Paste objects from clipboard
+ Clone objects
+ Split the contextmenu in edit mui class into two separate menus

Version beta_0.15:

+ Save / Load object(-groups) to / from harddisk
+ New Fileformat CALO (.calo) for Calimero objct(-groups) in a single file.
+ New cursoroption: Lasso
+ Select whole objectgroups with a lasso
+ Fixed line object
+ New Object: Freehand drawing.
Now its possible to trace a hand drawn path to create a
free formed curve.
+ New settings for the freehand drawing: Density and kind of tracing the path.
+ Bugfixing

Version beta_0.16:

+ New: Line ends (Arrowheads a.s.o)
+ It's no possible to Create feehand polygones
+ New Object: Custom shape
It's possible to trace a picture and create a custom shape.
+ Export object(groups) as a SVG or PNG
+ Bugfixing
+ New settings for the picture tracer

Version 1.0:

+ Export EPUB
+ Fix many various bugs
+ Support of HOME and END Button
+ Drag'n Drop of all possible files (documents,projects, objects,
pictures and vectorgrafic)
+ The Pagelist is sortable per Dra'n Drop.
It is possible to resort whole kapitles.
+ New Shortcut: Shift + mouse + objectcorners = rescale objects
with aspect ratio.

Version 2.0:

+ New: Animation Support
+ WEBP Support
+ APNG Support
+ Import / Export WEBP animation
+ Load / Save Pictures in WEBP format
+ Import APNG animation
+ More Bugfixing
+ Fix pagehandling
+ New: Registerlabels for pages (Scroll throu the labels with the middle mouse button)
+ Fix pageexport
+ New: Pagepreview (Printpreview,Animationpreview...)
+ New: Insert QR-Codes in pages
+ Faster and lowlevel text cursor

Version 2.5:

+ Fix Screenhandling
+ New: Label printing
+ More Bugfixing

Version 3.0:

+ New: Texture mask
+ Function to insert alphachanal in pictures
+ Many Bugfixing
+ Load gif anims (alpha !)
+ Import picture directories
+ Export WebP Anims with alphachanal (if selected)

Version 3.5:

+ New: Automatic hyphenation
+ Speed up rendering
+ Lower cpu usage
+ New: barcodes
+ New: Add new words to spell dictionary
+ Many bugfixing
+ Dynamic memory usage

Version 3.6:

+ Reworked settings window
+ bugfixing editor class
+ bugfixing key input handler
+ bugfixing mui layout

+ Version 3.8:

+ Table,Table,Table...
+ Create a separate prog start (wordprocessor,spreedsheet)
+ Excel import (XLS beta)
+ Excel export (as modern XLSX File)
+ Save whole workbooks in CALS Format
+ Open workbooks (CALS Format)
+ Include tables in Calimero project files
+ Save single tables
+ Open single tables

+ Version 3.81:

+ Fix any bugs in XLS import
+ Fix a bug in XLSX export
+ Finish XLSX exportmodul

+ Version 3.82:

+ Fix a bug in Text copy/paste
+ Enable tables in EPUB
+ Enable tables in ODT
+ Bugfixes in ODT and EPUB
+ Fixes textwrapping around of pictures
+ Enable textwrapping around of tables

+ Version 3.83:

+ Fix a bug in printer code
+ Fix a bug in editor background renderer
+ New: Export spreedsheeds in ODS format
+ New: Import of TCD (Turbocalc) spreedsheets

+ Version 3.9:

+ New: Charts
+ Bugfixes in the key inputhandler
+ Bugfixes in object handler

+ Version 3.91:

+ Reworked ftp client
+ Bugfixing in editor class
+ Reworked memory handling
+ New doubleclick handler
+ New: Helpfile in amigaguide format
+ New settings to handle charts in different ways
+ Bugfixes in Clipboardhandler

Upload Date:Mar 29 2017
Size:8 MB
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