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Description:The audio-effect,-converter,-generator software for your AMIGA !
Developer/Porter:Stefan Kost
Short: V4.3 Bin 68060+FPU Soundprocessingsoftware
Author: ensonic@sonicpulse.de (Stefan Kost)
Uploader: ensonic sonicpulse de (Stefan Kost)
Type: mus/edit
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

SoundFX - the audio-effect,-converter,-generator software for your AMIGA !
* more than 60 effects
* converts many formats
* you can work with many samples at once
(every sample has it`s own sizeable window)
* works in mono,stereo,quadro
* can work with samples bigger than available memory
* plays in 14bit on the paula-chip too
* supports AHI (for soundcard owners)
* asynchronous fx calculations
* full x & y-zoom, x & y axis
* presets for fx
* real units (hz, db, h:m:s:ms, ...)
* powerful marking facillities
* extensive docs (more than 100 pages)
* and many more features (read docs)

The following functions are disabled, if there is no keyfile available :
* saving of samples
* using arexx
* virtual memory
Furthermore a requester is displayed after starting and before quiting the

For more info, see http://www.sonicpulse.de

-> You need the following archives
SFX-bin_xxx.lha (type of CPU/Math-CoPro)
SFX-doc_xxx.lha (language)

Upload Date:Mar 07 2017
Size:1 MB
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