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Description:Advanced AHI HD-Recorder.
Developer/Porter:Thomas Wenzel
Short: Advanced AHI HD-Recorder V1.21
Author: Thomas Wenzel (www.toms-home.de)
Uploader: toms aminet upload toms-home de see note below
Type: mus/play
Version: 1.21
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

Aminet admins only: Use address from [Uploader] field to contact me
All others: Use the email address stated on my homepage www.toms-home.de

Legal stuff
This program is copyrighted freeware. It may be distributed freely as long
as no modifications are made to the executable and this document. A nominal
fee may be asked to cover distribution costs. However, it may not be
included in any commercial distribution without my permission.

It is based on the HardDiskRecord program from the AHI developer package.

AHI audio system is Copyright��1994-2007 Martin Blom.

- Multithreaded level meter and status display
- Asynchronous writes to harddisk
- Generates AIFF, WAVE or FLAC files
- Automatic file generation for recording several tracks sequentially
- Unattended automatic recording

AHI audio system V4
AmigaOS 3.0 (68k) / 4.0 (PPC)
asyncio.library V37 (68k) / V50 (PPC)
68020 CPU / PowerPC

68030-25 or faster
High quality 16-bit or 24-bit soundcard (Prelude for example ;)
Play16 to play your recordings (Play16 is freeware, too!)

Revision history
1.21 - Fixed main window size calculation.
- Improved default mode and frequency preselection.
- Changed behaviour to always select default mode and frequency
if not otherwise specified.
- Improved out of sync detection.
- Underlined shortcut keys in button texts.

1.20 - Recompiled 68k version with integer math for FLAC
- Set default FLAC compression level to 5 for 68k / 8 for PPC
- Enabled "Prepare File" button after "Close AHI"
- Added "Out of Sync" message for encoder/saver overrun
- Limited Gain- and Volume sliders to max. 32 steps
- Added a few keyboard shortcuts

1.19 - Added TOTALTIME switch
- Added COMPLEVEL setting

1.18 - Increased listview size to 5 items
- Added "Close AHI" button
- Added FLAC support

1.17 - Fixed input ListView to make preselected input visible

1.16 - Fixed time counter in pause mode

1.15a- The 68k version is AHI v4 compatible again

1.15 - This version requires AHI v6
- Fixed file writing routines
- Fixed buffer size probing by levelmeter-task

1.14 - AmigaOS4 version available
- Now writing AIFF files instead of AIFF-C
- Various code cleanups

1.13 - Improved pen allocation and/or Cybergraphics usage for level meter
- Increased level meter persistence

1.12 - Fixed GAIN setting
- AUTOBIAS tooltype

1.11 - Fixed enforcer hit when starting from CLI
- GAIN tooltype
- SAVEPRI tooltype

1.10 - New parameters for unattended automated recordings:
TIMER tooltype
ALC tooltype

1.9 - 16-bit or 24-bit filemode now individually selectable
- 24-bit filemode support for both WAV and AIFF
- Better compatibility with various 24-bit AHI audiomodes

1.8 - Fixed illegal memory access when pressing Pause

1.7 - Fixed a display bug in the format selection cycle gadget
- Added 24-bit AIFF support
- Added PubScreen support

1.6 - Removed MAUD support (sorry, folks!)
- Added mono filetypes
- Added support for sequentially recording several tracks
- Added Cancel button to escape from rec-pause mode
- Improved default filename handling
- Keeping AHI driver opened so that monitor volume changes
are possible even after the recording has stopped

1.5 - Fixed a bug in the AIFF saver
- Added the missing Tooltype for Initial file format

1.4 - Added tooltypes/templates for default values: It makes AHIRecord
much more convenient to use
- Added Rec/Pause feature

1.3a Subtask handling slightly modified. Hopefully more stable now.

1.3 - Fixed a nasty bug in cleanup routine that could lead to crashes
- New tooltypes for user selectable pens

1.2 - Levelmeter sometimes 'lost' some segments. Hopefully fixed.
Removed a bug in FORM size of MAUD and AIFF savers. Some programs
refuse to load the file just because the sizes don't match :-(

1.1 - Optimized levelmeter speed. Should run better on slow Amigas
- Added WAVE save format

1.0 - First public release

Upload Date:Feb 26 2017
Size:86 KB
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