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Description:A MorphOS port of Stratagus engine, together with Wargus tool it allows you to play Warcraft II game on Your system.
Developer/Porter:Michal Wozniak

1. About.

This is a MorphOS port of Stratagus engine. Together with Wargus tool it allows You
to play Warcraft II game on Your system. The engine is compiled with OpenGL support enabled
to make playing in high resolutions possible. The cost is high memory requirement, too
high for efika users. This port is based on version 2.2.4 which is latest stable version.

Changes done to original source and wargus scripts:

added support for 1920x1200 resolution (use -v 6 param at the command line)
reduced memory usage
small optimizations

2. Instalation.

To play the game You need original datafiles. It will now work with BattleNet editions,
You need DOS version. Expansion pack is supported. Instalation process should be easy
and is done in a console. Enter the main directory (the one this file resided in) and

[if you have MorphOS SDK installed]

build.sh -p path:to/your/copy/of/warcraft

[if you don't have MorphOS sdk installed]

assign bin: bin
path bin: add
build.sh -p path:to/your/copy/of/warcraft

for example:

build.sh -p cd0:


build.sh -p media:games/warcraftpc

After this you should have directory data.wc2 created for you with all the needed
files copied into it. If not, then either Your game version is not supported or
i broke something. Email me with details (contact at the bottom).

3. Running the game.

In this version there is no startup script provided so You have to use console.
Only needed parameter is a path to data files:

stratagus -d data.wc2

Additionaly You can tell it a default resolution by using -v param:

-v 1 - 640x480
-v 2 - 800x600
-v 3 - 1024x768
-v 4 - 1680x1050
-v 5 - 1600x1200
-v 6 - 1920x1200

4. Requirements.

MorphOS 2.x (preferably 2.2)
Abount 128MB of free memory. Preferably more.
Radeon GFX card (was not tested on Voodoo and from some source code i can tell it will
cause problems)

5. Contact.

Michal 'kiero' Wozniak

Upload Date:Feb 10 2017
Size:2 MB
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