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Developer/Porter:Stefan Haubenthal
Short: VTech Creativision and clones
Author: "@username@", MorphOS port by uploader
Uploader: polluks sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Type: misc/emu
Version: 15.06.14
Requires: PowerSDL2, BIOS
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 3.8
URL: http://creativisionemulator.sourceforge.net

# The creatiVision Emulator #

This is an emulator of the VTech Creativision, Funvision, Disk Smith Wizzard and Hanimex Rameses consoles.

## Binaries 15.01.20 ##

* Windows x86 / x86-64
* linux x86 / x86-64
* Rapsberry Pi ARMv6

## What's New in 15.01.20 ##

* Salora Manager and Laser 2001 support
* Snapshot files gzipped


Your operating system **MUST** support SDL 2.0.3.

This project is developed with CodeBlocks and SDL 2.0.3.

##Available options##

Option | Detail
------ | ------
**-b** | Load alternative BIOS rom. Default is BIOS/BIOSCV.ROM
| By default the emulator will look in a BIOS subfolder for bioscv.rom
**-r** | Load alternative ROM binary. Default is ROMS/CART.BIN
| Any game renamed to CART.BIN in the ROMS subfolder will be loaded. Use the -r option so select another.
**-g** | Load ROM in linear mode. Useful for developers.
**-m** | Magnify. 2=512x384(Default) 1x to 4x zoom
| SDL enables scaling up to 4x windowed.
**-f** | Fullscreen 4:3 Aspect
| Use the entire desktop area.
**-v** | VDP Debug mode enabled. Use F12 stop/step. F11 continue.
| This option is for developers, and dumps the contents of VDP registers 0 through 7 and the Status Register.
**-t** | Trace debugger enabled.
| This enable EMUlibs built in 6502 debugger. Very useful for tracing through your own code.
**-s** | Use Low Quality sound.
| Instead of 44100 Hz, use 22500 Hz.
**-l** | Load CAS files at double speed. CLOAD / CRUN.
| This is currently unique to this emulator, in that it enables loading and loading of raw BASIC cassette files. The double speed option should only be used with BASIC83.
**-c** | Set CLOAD/CSAVE filename. Default CSAVE.CAS
| The name of the cassette you wish to save to or load from.
**-p** | Set LLIST/LPRINT filename. Default PRINTER.TXT
| An output file name for BASIC. Useful for getting straight ASCII text files.
**-d** | Demo recording
| This enable recording to AVI of the game / demo you are running. It is uncompressed, and will create huge files!.
**-2** | Run in CSL Cartridge mode. Pretend to be a Salora Manager or Laser 2001
**-3** | Run in Salora Manager or Laser 2001 mode.
**-k** | Patch unverified TMS9929 addressing for Salora Manager or Laser 2001

## Emulator Keys ##

* ESC Terminate emulation
* F2 Pause game play
* F3 Reset
* F4 Rewind cassette tape
* F5 Take BMP picture
* F7 Take snapshot
* F8 Load snapshot
* F10 Dump RAM and VRAM
* F11 VDP Debug
* F12 VDP Debug

For keyboard programs, you can also use the letters and numbers of the keyboard. Note though, that same are not direct translations.

For normal games, on loading, you will observe a demonstration mode of the game. Pressing F3 (RESET to the creatiVision) will place you in game select mode. Use the fire buttons(CTRL/SHIFT) to select the game mode number you require, then press any alphabetic key on the lower row. Enjoy your game!

Upload Date:Feb 07 2017
Size:271 KB
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