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Description:A screen grabber with MUI-Interface by Stefan Blixth.
Developer:Stefan Blixth
Short: A screen grabber with MUI-Interface.
Author: Stefan Blixth (stefan -at- onyxsoft -dot- se)
Uploader: stefan@onyxsoft.se
Type: util/misc
Version: 1.4
Replaces: util/misc/snapit.lha
Architecture: ppc-morphos; i386-aros; ppc-amigaos

SnapIT is a powerful, yet simple-to-use screen grabber.

What's new (v1.4) :

* Reggae-support for saving data which includes a lot more formats to save to (MorphOS only)
* Missed to apply translation to the ASL-window (save file as...)
* Fixed that the free grab works as intended if the program was started iconified.
* Added Greek translation by Anthony Iliakis.
* Using latest MUI4 on OS4 to set the "aiming" pointer when using freegrab mode.
* Now possible to grab a screen and save it without using the GUI (cli argument)
* Added CX_POPKEY / CX_POPUP handling
* Modified SnapIT so it can only be started in one instance, run it twice, uniconifies the first instance.
* Included a updated Spanish guide file by Victor Gutiérrez
* Removed the requester when starting the program without a keyfile

Upload Date:Jan 25 2017
Size:1 MB
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