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Description:Integrate the ECX compiler in Scribble.
Developer/Porter:Thomas Igracki
Short: Integrate the ecx compiler in Scribble
Author: Thomas@Igracki.de (Thomas Igracki)
Type: dev/e
Version: 1.5
Architecture: generic
Kurz: Integriert den ecx Compiler in Scribble

Usage: s:ecx <ecx source> [O=<more options>] [D=Debug] [DR=DontRun]

A starter for the ecx compiler to be able to jump to the error line
in Scribble. And after a successful compile request the user to run
the executable. This script is smart enough to dont ask if you're
compiling a module (OPT MODULE).

Tip: You can use my "Foreach" command to compile multiple sources at once!
Foreach modules/winMain_mcc.e modules/app_mcc.e ecxHelper.e DO "s:ecx %s"

Just copy this script to S: and be sure that the S bit is set!

Copy the "s" and "c" directories to SYS:

Required commands:
c:Replace (included), FileInfo (http://igracki.de/) and ecx, of course;)

Bug: The second line of the error-text has a number preceeded, this is due to
a bug in "Search" (bugreport is sent)!

05-Jul-13: v1.5
fix: because the "Fail" command which should be "FailAt 10", the script didn't worked;)
chg: show the ecx's output also if the compile succeeded
chg: changed the way the error-text gets extracted

02-Jul-13: v1.4
the error text is now displayed in a requester

01-Jul-13: v1.3
fixed loading the file (to jump to the error line) for relative paths

29-Jun-13: v1.2
added DR=DontRun/S switch -> dont ask to run the executable

28-Jun-13: v1.1
added Debug/S switch, which adds the option VARDEBUG to ecx

26-Jun-13: v1.0
first version

Upload Date:Jan 14 2017
Size:4 KB
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