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Description:A simple generator for Forth based BootMenu scripts for Pegasos machines.
Developer/Porter:Marcin Kurek

This program is a simple generator for Forth based BootMenu scripts for
Pegasos machines.

It's small and extremaly easy to use. And it's safe because it require no changes
on the hard drive only a small adjust of the OF settings.


Generaly only a recent version of OpenFirmware is required. If you still
use old version you can still use a menu generated by this program but with some limitations.
Generaly download and install OF upgrade from bPlan home page (http://www.bplan-gmbh.de)


In order to create your own boot menu you need to create a small file with
menu description, the file format is describe bellow. When the file is ready
you need to run BootCreator like that:

.> bootcreator <created file> <result boot menu script>

This call will read and interpret <created file> and save result as a Forth
script at the <result boot menu script> position.

Generaly thats all, now you ned adjust OF settings to read created menu file
instead of boot.img (Or linux kernel image) to make this change boot-file
env variable.

.> setenv boot-file <result boot menu script>

Of coz you need to copy created Forth script to partition where OF can find
it. In most cases to partition where you have MorphOS/Linux boot images.

Menu description file format:

File is splited in to several sections separated by a new line character.
Section names begins with '[' character and end ']' character. Section names
are case sensitive.

[VERSION] Currently two versions are supported

0 - Extremaly simple boot menu format without timeout and some other
features. Use it if you want to use generated boot menu on Pegasos I or
you are still use older version of OF on Pegasos II machine.

1 - Default boot menu format

2 - Modified version of previous format. It should works on Pegasos I machines
too with timeut.

[TITLE] A title for generated boot menu


AbortOnKey -
Timeout -
Default -

[SECTION] This is main part of menu. It describe the menu structure. It contains 2 parts
separated by newline. You can create maximun 10 sections.

1) Position label
2) Command. A command to run when this position is selected. As as special
case a '-' command may be used to leave menu and return to OF.

Please look at the examples/ directory to find a working example of menu
description file.


0.x - Older MorphOS only versions
1.0 - Ported to Linux
New menu description file format
1.1 - Released source code
1.2 - Added menu format 2 that should work fine on Pegasos I with timeout.

Last words:

Fell free to contact with me in case of any suggestions.

If you have your own boot menu or have any suggestions to
the current one contact with me too, I can add it to the
generator if you want.

And finaly please remember this is a one night project and propably
contain many bug's, flaws, etc.


Marcin "Morgoth" Kurek <morgoth6@box43.pl>

Upload Date:Oct 28 2016
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