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Description:Diashow Viewer by Carsten Siegner.
Developer/Porter:Carsten Siegner
Short: Diashow Viewer
Author: Carsten Siegner (carstensiegner@osnanet.de)
Uploader: Carsten Siegner (carstensiegner osnanet de)
Type: gfx/show
Version: 1.3
Replaces: gfx/show/diashow_1.2.lha
Architecture: ppc-morphos >=3.4

A simple diashow viewer like the diashow in windows.

+ Shell Interface
+ App window
+ Scans recursive directorys to the 8'th level.

Version 1.0:

+ First release

Version 1.1:

+ Add pathinfo
+ better memoryhandling

Version 1.2:

+ Supports the libexif 0.6.21 to get metadata of pictures
+ Supports auto rotation of images
+ Displays many camera specific data.
+ Support the correct aspect ratio of a picture

Version 1.3:

+ To see the metadata, you can now the window partially unfold.
+ Add "timer" - tooltype
+ Repair the window refresh.
+ Add more metadata
Upload Date:Sep 13 2016
Size:135 KB
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