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Description:A simple tool that simulate an ordinary metronome (beats from 40 to 240 beat per minute) by Tcheko.
Developer/Porter:Antoine Dubourg
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@$VER: Metronome.guide 1.1 (13.12.2012)
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@AUTHOR Antoine Dubourg
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@TITLE "Metronome � Index"

@{b}Metronome 1.1@{ub}

Metronome is a simple metronome.

It repeats an audio sample at a fixed rate.

Copyright � 2012 Antoine Dubourg
All rights reserved.

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@NODE Introduction
@TITLE "Metronome � Introduction"


Metronome is a simple tool that simulate an ordinary metronome.

Metronome beats from 40 to 240 beat per minute.

Metronome relies on Reggae multimedia framework for playing sample.


@NODE Requirements
@TITLE "Metronome � Requirements"


o MorphOS 2.0 or better

o A very few KB free RAM

o A very few KB free hard disk space


@NODE Installation
@TITLE "Metronome � Installation"


Copy Metronome folder. No installer required.


@NODE Startup
@TITLE "Metronome � Startup"


Metronome can be launched from Ambient or from the CLI. If Metronome
is installed in 'SYS:WBStartup' it will be launched automatically
at system start.


It has no options. Just start it.


@NODE Usage
@TITLE "Metronome � Usage"


o Tempo

Beat per minute is adjustable with the main slider ranging from 40 to 240

o Mute

Sound output is silenced when Mute checkmark is selected.

o Default values

Tempo and Mute values are saved upon exit and loaded at next start.


@TITLE "Metronome � FAQ"

@{b}Frequently Asked Question@{ub}

o Is it possible to have feature X or Y?

Sure. Just ask me. I'll see what I can do to implement it.


@NODE bugs
@TITLE "Metronome � Known Bugs"

@{b}Known Bugs@{ub}

Metronome is near perfect! :)


@NODE Future
@TITLE "Metronome � Future"


o Play a different sample every Nth beat

o User selectable beat sample instead of embedded one

o Arexx port

o Execute external command on beat


@NODE Credits
@TITLE "Metronome � Credits"


Copyright � 2012 Antoine Dubourg
All rights reserved.


Grzegorz Kraszewski
@{i}For his multimedia framework Reggae.@{ui}

Stephan Stuntz
@{i}For his GUI framework MUI.@{ui}

Christian Rosentreter
@{i}For his countless programming advices.@{ui}

Christophe Delorme
@{i}For his icon artwork.@{ui}


@NODE Author
@TITLE "Metronome � Author"


Antoine 'Czeko' Dubourg

eMail: tcheko@no-log.org

Internet: http://tcheko.binaryriot.org

IRC: Czeko @

FreeNode (irc.freenode.net):


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