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Description:Highly configurable toolbar class by Alfonso Ranieri.
Developer/Porter:Alfonso Ranieri
Short: Highly configurable toolbar class
Author: alforan@tin.it (Alfonso Ranieri)
Version: 19.4

SpeedBar.mcc, SpeedBar.mcp, SpeedButton.mcc and
SpeedBarCfg.mcc (SpeedBar) are ©1999-2003 by
Alfonso Ranieri anf Simone Tellini.
All Rights Reserved.

SpeedBar allow you to easily create toolbars similar
to those you can see in Windows programs (although
you can get a standard look as well ;)

Just play with the demo to discover its features :)

These classes can be freely used: all I ask is to
receive a registered copy of your program if it
uses them.

You may find the last version of SpeedBar.mcc at

Upload Date:Aug 18 2016
Category:System/MUI Classes
Size:192 KB
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