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Description:Macros set for simple create and support MUI class by Marian "MaaG^dA" Guc.
Developer/Porter:Marian Guc
Short: APP_MUI - macros for MUI class support
Author: Marian "MaaG^dA" Guc (mguc@wp.pl)
Version: 2.0
Architecture: m68k-AmigaOS; ppc-MorphOS; ppc-AmigaOS; i386-AROS

Macros set for simple create and support MUI class

With this macros set you can simpe and easy create and operate on MUI class for all platforms support MUI.
For compile the same source for various systems you don't need any change - just change compiler .. and make
new binary.

Upload Date:Aug 18 2016
Size:6 KB
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