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Description:Create file listing from directories by Ilkka Lehtoranta.
Developer/Porter:Ilkka Lehtoranta
Short: Create file listing from directories
Author: ilkleht@isoveli.org (Ilkka Lehtoranta)
Version: 1.2

With this commandline tool you can create file listings from directories.
Probably not very useful but can be helpful when backuping HD to CD-RWs.
Not much documentation (yet), but feel free to send an email if you get
probs or have suggestions/bug reports.

Commandline template is:


- directories to include in the listing
- pattern matching is supported here
- default is current directory

- target directory for listing file
- the default is current directory

- include only files matching AmigaDOS pattern
- the default is #?

- enter only directories matching AmigaDOS pattern
- the default is #?

- max size (in _megabytes_) of files in total per one list
- if listing file comes full then MakeList creates another list
- useful with MakeCD (try MAX=650)
- default is -1 (create only one listing with all files)

- size of blocks
- default is 2048 (size of blocks on CD-ROM)
- with this option MakeList can find out how well file fits to the
target media

- collect links to a file for later use

- continue even if an error occurs (except when out of memory)


MakeList HD0: HD1: HD2: HD3: TO=RAM: MAX=650
(creates lists from all four HDs)

MakeList Sources:#? P=#?.c
(creates lists from all #?.c files in Sources: dir)

Have fun!

Version 1.2
- Release date 5.10.2008
- Added support for 64bit directory scan (MorphOS 2.0 or newer)
- Now asks to delete all existing file listings if present
- Implemented custom memory pools for Amiga version. They use less memory
than sluggish Commodore memory pools and are also much faster if TLSF
memory system is used. As a result Kickstart 3.0 is no longer required.

Version 1.1
- Release date 20.6.2006
- Added LINKLIST and DIRPATTERN options

Version 1.0
- Release date 21.5.2003
- First working version
- Thanks for Luca 'Hexaae' Longone for the idea :-)

· Ilkka Lehtoranta · <ilkleht@isoveli.org> ·

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