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Description:Logical game (Amiga Bejeveled clone) by Robert 'Phibrizzo' Krajcarz.
Developer/Porter:Robert Krajcarz
Short: Logical game (Amiga Bejeveled clone)
Author: Robert 'Phibrizzo' Krajcarz
Version: 0.9
Requires: AHI, datatypes.library, png.datatype, 8SVX.datatype

Homepage: http://www.changeit.ppa.pl/

"Change It" is a logical game (Amiga Bejeveled clone) from Robert 'Phibrizzo'
Krajcarz (contact - jgn[AT]interia[DOT]pl).

Version 0.9:
- fixes of some bugs
- added stats for TIME & BRICK HUNT
- changed the font-handling mechanism - assignms are no longer needed
- changed the parameters syntax

Version 0.8:
- added sound effects
- added keyboard shortcuts
- added new bonuses
- fixes of noticed bugs
- optimization of source code

Version 0.7:
- added new game modes
- fixes of noticed bugs
- extended About page
- using its own font

Version 0.6:
- added new graphics effects
- reconstruction of menu, extended About page
- number of points on game's board
- rebuild and optimization of source code
- added new system of memory allocation
- fixed bug of window moving in BACKDROP mode

Version 0.5:
- added the NPB parameter - switches off the progress bar page
- added the NOBORDER parameter - switches off the frame border of a window
- added the PP parameter - change of the blocks' animation mode
- added the graphic point counter
- change in points counting, "avalanche situations" points
- fixed bug in DEMO mode
- small changes in game code

Version 0.4:
- progress bar for skin loading
- bricks animation
- Demo mode

Version 0.3:
- fixed bugs
- new skins

Version 0.2:
- bonus after making four apples
- lottery function fix
- AGA support
- crosscompilation (by Marcin Kielesinski) for various (AmigaOS 4.0/3.x, MorphOS
and AROS) operating systems

Upload Date:Jul 29 2016
Size:18 MB
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