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Description:Adjusts volume level in Jukebox by jPV^RNO.
Short: Adjusts volume level in Jukebox
Author: jPV^RNO (jpv amigascne org)
Type: mus/play
Version: 1.1


A simple script to save and set volume settings for each mp3 album played
in Jukebox.


MP3 files obtained from different sources tend to have different volume
levels. Some sound very quiet while others blow your head off.

You could run them all through MP3Gain for example, but I thought to go
a bit different route, which doesn't do any writing into actual mp3 files.

Solution is to have a simple database with volume values for albums and
automatically tune Jukebox's volume setting for each track.

To avoid the database growing too big, script only saves values for each
album instead of every song. Usually all songs of the album are from the
same origin with same volume levels. The script relies on ID3 tags to get
the album name.

This script could be more optimized, have better error checking and have
more features, but it works for me now, so shut up or provide a better
version :)


1) Copy JukeboxVolumizer.lua to SYS:S/

2) Put in Jukebox Settings -> Execute command on events -> Track begins:
MOSSYS:C/LuaX S:JukeboxVolumizer.lua LOAD


LuaX JukeboxVolumizer.lua <LOAD|SAVE>

With LOAD option it reads the database and sets the volume in Jukebox
according to it. This is done every time a new track starts if you did
2) in installation section.

SAVE option saves the current volume setting to the database. So, if the
song plays too loud, lower the volume in Jukebox and run the script with
SAVE option while the song is still playing.

You can define the script with SAVE option to a keyboard shortcut with
MMKeyboard for example.

Database is saved to ENV: and ENVARC:.


1.0 (11.01.2014) - Public version
1.1 (24.05.2014) - Settings file was opened in wrong mode, it just happened
to work because of a bug in Lua. 1.0 won't work properly
anymore when Lua gets fixed in MorphOS 3.6. So, update!


For more scripts and MorphOS stuff, check http://jpv.wmhost.com/morphos/

Upload Date:Jul 24 2016
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