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Description:Flexible catalogs (C,Asm,Oberon,E,ARexx) by FlexCat Open Source Team.
Developer/Porter:FlexCat Team
Short: Flexible catalogs (C,Asm,Oberon,E,ARexx)
Author: FlexCat Open Source Team (https://github.com/adtools/flexcat)
Version: 2.18


FlexCat creates catalogs and the source to handle them. The difference
between FlexCat and KitCat, CatComp and some others is, that FlexCat is
designed to produce any source you want: any programming language, any
individual needs should be satisfied. However, FlexCat is not more
difficult to use.

This sounds like a contradiction. FlexCat's solution is to use
template files, the so called "source descriptions". Ready to use examples
for Assembler, C, C++, E, Oberon and Modula-2 are distributed, additionally
an example for supporting catalogs on Workbench 2.0. Any other examples
are welcome.


FlexCat features include:

* Runs on any computer (I hope)
* Localized of course ;-) (Amiga OS versions only)
* Can produce catalog handling source code for any language
(templates for Assembler, C, C++, E, Oberon and Modula-2 included)
* Written by the people who use it daily (so it should cover all
your needs)


FlexCat works on any Amiga, however you need OS2.04 or higher
to make it using the localization for own purposes. Also processor
better or equal to 68020.
In addition, a Linux version (i386) is included so that the flexcat
functionality can even be used in cross-compiler environments.


FlexCat is available at Github:


Upload Date:Jul 23 2016
Size:1 MB
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