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Description:MUI-based E-mail client by YAM Open Source Team.
Developer/Porter:YAM Team
Short: YAM 2.9p1 - MUI-based E-mail client
Author: YAM Open Source Team (http://yam.ch/)
Version: 2.9p1

YAM - Version 2.9p1

About YAM
YAM (Yet Another Mailer) lets you send and receive electronic mail (e-mail)
over the Internet and maintain archives of messages in your computer via a
graphical user interface. The idea came to the original author (Marcel
Beck) back in 1995 when he first tried using e-mail. The programmes
available at the time were either powerful but complicated to configure, or
else used a too limiting user interface. The goal, therefore, was to
program a cross between AdMail and AirMail, with a few ideas coming from
Pegasus Mail.

While earlier versions of YAM were developed closed source, today's
versions are developed by an independent open source community. Since the
year 2000 a group of mixed developers maintain YAM and release new versions
from time to time. While these versions are all targeted for the Amiga
platform, versions of different AmigaOS incarnations are supplied. This
includes native PowerPC ports to modern Amiga platforms like AmigaOS4 or

Before you start the installation
YAM 2.5+ not only uses newer configuration files, the files used to store
separate emails are named differently as well. Therefore, before you start
the installation script to overwrite your existing installation, it's
strongly recommended that you create a backup of your old YAM installation,
including all folders and configuration files. Afterwards you can install
the update into your old YAM directory if you wish. On start-up, YAM 2.5+
will automatically convert your old configuration files to the new 2.5+
format, and after being started, YAM will rename your old emails as
necessary, always under your control. It is also recommended that you
re-save your configuration as soon as possible in order to update your
.config file to the new format, which will reveal all the new options

In addition, please note that since YAM 2.5 no 'YAM:' assign is required
anymore. That means, you may even install it in a new location and start it
right away from there without having to touch your old installation.
Afterwards you may manually import the mails from your old installation.
Thus, you can in principle now have to independent installation of YAM
using two completly different versions.

What's new
Here's a list (in alphabetical order) of the brave developers who have
contributed to this release since the last official one:

Jens Maus
Thore Böckelmann

And here's a PARTIAL list of the changes in this version with respect to
the previous official update:

- fixed a thread safety issue which resulted in GUI operations being executed
not from the main YAM thread but from a different thread. This caused MUI to
popup a warning under certain circumstances when downloading mails.
- switched the whole catalog translation mechanism from manually submitting
translated .ct files to the use of the free services of transifex.com. Now
translators can freely use the services of transifex.com and submit
translations online via https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/yam/.
- Slightly changed the logical of the mail reply action in terms of mailing
lists. YAM will now directly reply to the Mail-Followup-To header entry if a
matching mailing list is found. In addition, the SHIFT key will now make sure
that a reply will always end up at the sender of a mail. Contrary to that,
pressing the ALT key will directly reply to all (e.g. the mailing list).
- fixed the folder conversion routines to not loose connection to the
destination folder in case of a move-to-folder operation.
- fixed a problem where the installer script failed on AmigaOS3 with "Unmatched
parenthesis in line 885"
- fixed a minor cosmetic bug where the wrong config page titles were displayed.
- fixed the signature text editor to not parse the signature text via the
ParseEmailText() function as otherwise the text styles end up in mixing up a
specified signature.
- fixed the incorrect conversion of filters from older YAM versions when using
an AND combination of rules.
- fixed a problem with the "Content-Disposition:" MIME header line which was
set to 'inline' for plain text attachments. This cause problems with some
mail clients (e.g. Apple Mail) which always displayed these attachments as
part of the mail text not allowing to save them as separate attachments.
- fixed a bug where quoted real names in an email address string was
incorrectly added to YAMs emailcache mechanism.
- fixed a bug where upon creating a new addressbook group new entries couldn't
be inserted into that group until a reload of the addressbook had been
- fixed a bug which prevented the user images in the address book and mail
information part of the read window from working on MorphOS.
- fixed a bug where the display name of standard mail folders (e.g. incoming)
couldn't be changed.
- fixed a minor bug regarding the transparency settings of the donate image in
the About window of YAM.
- Mails put on "hold" by older versions of YAM without a dedicated Drafts
folder will now be moved from the Outgoing folder to the Drafts folder upon
startup to avoid being sent out by accident.
- fixed a bug where a setting the disabled state of filter rules always cause
to set complete disabled state of the whole filter.
- fixed a minor bug in the MAILCHECK Arexx command where the STEM variables
weren't correctly initialized.
- fixed a long standing bug where a Drag&Drop operation from a mail to the
address book didn't actually add the address to the drop position.
- modified the Cc and BCC text fields to be actually localizable by
- Fixed a bug where the small attachment list in the first tab of the write
window wasn't updated if attachments were added in the 'attachments' tab.
- Downloading an update archive will now always show the transfer window to
inform the user about the download's progress no matter what if the transfer
window is configured to be invisible for mail transfers.
- the online ARexx documentation (http://doc.yam.ch/) can now be directly
accessed via the corresponding main menu item.
- reworked the Installer script to check for a running instance of YAM. If that
is the case then the user is prompted to terminate that instance to make sure
that no files which might get overwritten during the installation are locked.
After the installation a reboot is recommended to ensure that updated
libraries and classes are really flushed from memory.
- fixed a rare crash bug where YAM crashed in DateStamp2String() due to a
missing NULL pointer check.
- added the missing folder icons to the supplied AISS theme which was
complaining about these missing icons.
- For empty IN pattern files the edit button will be disabled now. Only the
popup button will be enabled to let the user select an existing pattern file.
- fixed a bug in the mail parsing routines where it could have happened that
YAM was parsing over the boundaries of a readable MIME part if the text
contained many UTF8 convertable characters.

If you want to have a more detailed technical information on what was
actually changed, please have a look at the included 'ChangeLog' file.
You can also consult the official YAM homepage for more information on the
changes done with YAM 2.9p1 (http://yam.ch/milestone/YAM%202.9p1)

What is still missing?
- lots of translators! YAM 2.4 featured lots of different languages, but
due to the large amount of changed texts these catalogs are completely
outdated. Especially support for such common languages as Danish,
Finnish, etc. is currently missing. If you are a native speaker
of a language that YAM does not offer (anymore), then please contact us.
See http://yam.ch/wiki/Localization for more information.
- lots of documentation! As with the translation, the documentation largely
lags behind. Again, if you are a native speaker (even for English) and if
you are interested in updating/writing YAM's documentation then please
contact us. Now that with YAM 2.8+ we have switch to a pure online-based
documentation system people are welcome updating the online documentation
which can be found at http://docs.yam.ch/ and is based on a public wiki

Source code
Due to lack of time and motivation, Marcel Beck stopped working on YAM back
in 2000, but the sources were released under the GNU General Public License
at SourceForge.net. If you want to help developing this program further or
perhaps you are considering a port to a different operating system, please
consider joining the YAM Open Source team instead of doing it on your own.
Our home page is at http://yam.ch/ from which you can obtain all
necessary information to contact us. We want to hear from you!

If you like the development of YAM and you want to give our open source
developers an additional motivation to continue to update YAM in future or
if you simply want to say "Thanks", the YAM project accepts money donations
via PayPal. All the donations during a release cycle are collected and
divided by considering the activity of each developer during the time the
development lasted. This way we hope to attract more developers in future,
which in turn should give you a new version more quickly.


So in case you want to support our efforts to develop a modern up2date
e-mail client for modern AmigaOS-based systems, please consult the above
URL for more information on how to donate to us.

Online resources
As YAM is an open source development effort, we have several online
resources cover your daily YAM needs:

http://yam.ch/ - Official Support Homepage
http://download.yam.ch/ - Direct path to the download page
http://docs.yam.ch/ - Online documentation system
http://faq.yam.ch/ - Online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
http://bugs.yam.ch/ - Bugtracker and Feature Requests
http://forum.yam.ch/ - Web-based online forum

For Developers:

http://nightly.yam.ch/ - Access to experimental developer snapshots
http://svn.yam.ch/ - Web-based source code SVN access
http://stats.yam.ch/ - Daily updated development statistics

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