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Description:A tool to display your PowerPoint (PPS) files ! Converter to Hollywood included !
Developer/Porter:Mathias Parnaudeau
Short: Display your PowerPoint (PPS) files ! Converter to Hollywood included !
Author: Mathias 'Corto' Parnaudeau (pointrider free fr)
Uploader: Mathias 'Corto' Parnaudeau (pointrider free fr)
Version: 0.50
Requires: MorphOS, powersdl.library, 1024x768 display

PointRider is the first and only PowerPoint file viewer for our community !

Features :

- support of the PowerPoint 97 files
- images are displayed with right position and size, smooth scaling
- text engine supporting paragraph alignment and text attributes
- support of fonts and their color and size
- fullscreen swap with the 'f' key
- option for automatic display with a chosen delay
- display of inherited objects from the master slide

New in version 0.50 :

- Bilinear interpolation to scale images
- Right fonts are used if available on the system
- Font rendering using paragraph attributes (alignment, color, size, bold/italic/underline)
- Display of inherited objects from the master slide
- Improved background support : several shade types
- Splitted the main file to have a independant graphic engine (only SDL at the moment)
- AmiUpdate support (OS4 only)
- MeltingPoint : Added text support, background, inherited objects, ... and all improvements
from the PointRider engine !
- Internal statistic module : number of slides, images, images resized per bpp, total time
- Many memory leaks fixed
- More internal debugging features and a Ruby script to run a whole group of files in debug mode
- graphical launcher in MUI

Limitations :

- each file has its own display size (almost always
1024x768) but PointRider always opens a 1024x768 one.
- there is no transition effects
- ...

Thanks to :
- Highlander for icons
- Andreas Falkenhahn for Hollywood

Usage :

Just open a shell window and run it like that :
PointRider [WINDOW] [DELAY=value_ms] <PPS file>

WINDOW : will force PointRider to open a
window on the Workbench instead of its own screen.

DELAY : makes slides displayed automatically with
a chosen delay.

Contact :

Please, if some problems happen or if you want to see
a feature implemented with a higher priority, send me
a mail at : pointrider free fr

Upload Date:Jul 01 2016
Size:184 KB
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