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Description:A MUI GUI for creating Ambient user menus the easy way.
Developer/Porter:Thomas Igracki

CRABUM is a mui gui for creating Ambient user menus the easy way.

You can build own user menus, or load/import already defined usermenus.
A save function is also implemented;)

The "Test" button saves the usermenu to t:CRABUM.rexx and then executes it
to install it to Ambient (the current installed menus are removed before!).

To install it automatically on every reboot, you have to put the saved usermenu
to Sys:WBStartup/ with a project icon and specify "RX" as default program.

You can find a .cs file in the "catalogs" directory, if you want to make a
translation into another language.
SimpleCat (by Guido Mersmann) or a plain text editor can be used for that.
Please send me the changed .cs file, so I can include the new catalog
in the next version!

A german, french, hungarian/magyar and italian catalog is included in the archive.
The spanish translation comes later.
If you find any bugs, or if you have any suggestions please
send them to crabum(a)igracki[dot]de.

Thanks to the catalog translators:
german - myself;)
french - beWorld
italian - Jambalah
magyar - sadddam
spanish - Frank Brana
turkishly - Serkan Dursun

Upload Date:May 20 2016
Size:229 KB
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