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Description:ReAction files suitable for MorphOS.
Developer/Porter:James Jacobs
Short: ReAction files suitable for MorphOS
Uploader: amigansoftware@gmail.com (James Jacobs)
Author: Haage & Partner
Type: util/sys
Version: 1.0a
Architecture: ppc-morphos

Here are the ReAction files which are missing from MorphOS.
These files are sourced from AmigaOS 3.9+BB2, except that window.class
V42.84 is provided instead of V45.16. This is because MorphOS is
incompatible with window.class 45.16: opening it will cause a hang.
Simply copy these ReAction classes into SYS:Classes/. Although they are
compiled for 68020, they will work fine under MorphOS.
You will now be able to run ReAction software such as AmiArcadia,
CodeWar, MCE and Report+ under MorphOS.

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Upload Date:Jun 09 2016
Size:282 KB
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