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Description:Remote GUI for Transmission by Guillermo Amat.
Developer/Porter:Guillermo Amat
Short: Remote GUI for Transmission
Author: Guillermo Amat
Uploader: deuteros76 gmail com (Guillermo Amat)
Version: 0.8.0

Toram is a remote control of a Transmision client running on a
Linux/Windows/Mac computer. Toram does not provide the Transmission
daemon required to download torrent files in the local computer.


Version 0.8.0

- Added user authentication to the connection window
- Properties window changed: more information provided and better layout

Version 0.7.0

- Added locale.library support for translations. Toram.cd file is provided in the Catalogs directory
- Translated to Spanish included.

Version 0.6.0

- New storage system for configuration data
- After launched the application tries to restore the last connection.
- Upload and download speed limit is settable using a menu from the main window
- New context menu for torrent items in the main list

Version 0.5.0

- Open a .torrent file
- Now it is possible to start the application with a torrent file paremter from cli or WB
- Better menu and button management if there is no item selected
- Reconnect: The remote daemon is detectted after being lost
- More bug fixes

Version 0.4.3

- First AmigaOS4 version
- Better control of server disconnection

Version 0.4.2

- Fixes the layout of about and proerties window
- Fixed a bad performance problem when the transmission server was not found
- Other small bug fixes, mainly related to the GUI

Version 0.4.1

- Bugfix: The application crashed after exiting. It could crash even the whole system
- Bugfix: About window was closed and its data was lost

Main features:

- Add torrent from URL or from a .torrent file
- Start/pause torrents
- Remove torrents
- Get torrent information
- Manage upload and download speed limits

Upload Date:Jun 04 2016
Size:1 MB
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