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Description:A soft to mix music in realtime by Antoine Dubourg.
Developer/Porter:Antoine Dubourg
Short: Mix music in realtime
Author: tcheko@no-log.org (Antoine Dubourg)
Uploader: tcheko no-log org (Antoine Dubourg)
Type: mus/play
Version: 1.4
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 3.6

SoundBankster is a diskjockey music mixing software that features:
- double track deck
- speed adjustement
- automatic and manual BPM synchronization
- looping
- enhanced audio waveform rendering with TinyGL
- tone correction with tri band equalizer
- realtime tunable filters (low pass, hi pass, phaser)
- events mapping to USB HID controller
- disk recording
- fullscreen mode
- support two audio outputs for speakers and headphones
- 44.1Khz@16bit audio output
- ...

SoundBankster makes use of MUI for its user interface. Audio is decoded
and played with the help of the multimedia framework Reggae.

Upload Date:May 28 2016
Size:463 KB
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