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Description:A GUI for Lame, Ogg, Flac, Faad + other tools by Daniel Westerberg.
Developer/Porter:Daniel Westerberg
Short: GUI for Lame,Ogg,Flac,Faad + other tools
Author: Daniel Westerberg
Uploader: Daniel Westerberg (daniel onyxsoft se)
Type: mus/misc
Version: 3.13
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4

The great and well-known TheMPegEncGUI hits a major milestone and is
now renamed into -- CodeAudio -- better put that name on your memory :)

This is a Graphical User Interface - GUI (MUI) that you can use to
simplify your work when you're encoding Mpeg Audio (MP3) with some
of the most popular CLI-based Mpega Audio encoders on the Amiga!
However, it also supports a number of other CLI based encoders and
decoders too, like flac, faad, ogg, mpega etc.

The program has a Wizard for MP3 encoding which makes it exceptionally
easy to encode audio CDs into MP3 files with support for connecting to
the Internet and receive CD information such as album name, artist,
track titles etc. automatically or manually.

If you choose not to use the Wizard, then simply close the wizard and
you can easily create a file list and then execute it to encode a lot
of files over the night or so using all manual settings with full

The ID3-tagging is superb when you are using a list!
You can set one tag for many files at the same time to edit common
fields like Album and Comment and then set individual ID3-tags for
every file, and edit Title/Artist/Track either manually or by
importing a CDDB/ACDB-file or let CodeAudio download this information
from the Internet.

There are also some "intelligent" string extracting feature to use
when setting ID3-tags if your filenames are already complete with
Title, Artist and/or Track :-)

The GUI can be totally, or partly hidden (only showing progress)
when encoding! It multitasks which means you can interact with the
GUI while encoding, it doesn't lock you out.

*** This program has been successfully tested on AmigaOS 4.1 and MorphOS 2.2

News, Features and History:
* FIX * Fixed the version strings.

v3.12 (141107)
* NEW * Much better algorithm for detecting how CDDB/FreeDB track names should be processed.

* NEW * Added the CDDB preview window when importing a CDDB file.

* FIX * Fixed CDDB/FreeDB that did not handle titles and artists correctly.

v3.11 (140804)
** The wizard could not flip to Lame page correctly if another encoder
was used before using the wizard. This made the wizard simply fail.

** Lame download window displayed garbage and update didn't work.

** There was a parsing problem with some CDDB/FreeDB track titles.

v3.10 (120129)
* The wizard now offers to no longer encodes all files if some files have
already been encoded. For example if there is an error or crash after
encoding half a CD you don't have to encode the entire CD again to get
the tags correct.
Just add the entire CD again and CodeAudio will find out and as you
to skip already encoded files.

* Added a setting if CodeAudio should look for a CD at startup.
This may speed up and prevent problems for some people when starting

* Added a new encoder and player for the Amiga optimized A8 format.
(Untested since I couldn't compile ConvertA8 or PlayA8.)

* Reorganized the encoders/decoders/players into groups to make it
easier to overview. Lame is now the first and default encoder.

* Added another tag menu option: "Generate track numbers" that will simply
generate a number series starting with the first selected file in
the list. (Normal mode, not wizard.)

* Changed the wizard Extra High mode to use stereo mode instead of j-stereo.

* The wizard can now create recursive target directories and will not
create the directory/ies until encoding starts.

* Reorganized the main buttons in the main window to be more logical.

* Now using the MUIM_Application_PushMethod for all GUI actions made
from the subtask. This should make primarily the updating but also
encoding more stable.

* Reencoding a song with auto rename didn't work very well because it
failed to rename if the file existed. Now deleting if rename fails.

* Fix enabling or CDDB menus When adding a CD.

v3.05 (auto-update)
* CodeAudio now checks the length of output filenames and warns when
they are longer than 107 characters.

* Dieter B. has been very kind and pulled the HTML docs up to date again!
I will try to keep it in sync from now on.

* The default AHI mode ID for Mpega became "$DEFA" instead of "Default".

* Now setting the execute file protection bit after installing Lame or
updating CodeAudio. This is needed on the JXFS file system.

* Fixed a quit issue.

v3.02 (auto-update)
* The Extra High setting in the Wizard used the standard instead of
extreme VBR setting.

* Fixed the shell output flag in the wizard which was not synched with
the flag in the Prefs.

* Added the flag MUIA_Application_UsedClasses which makes only those
MCCs that are used to be listed in the MUI Settings.

* Fixed a wierd bug which made it necessary to sometimes click twice
on the Finish button in the wizard.

* Remove a stupid question which could pop up at the end of the wizard.

* ASL parameter could be inconclusive - The lister could
show only drawers in some situations.

* Added the setting "Automatically rename file" also to
the Prefs window.

* Now it is possible to get tracks automatically numbered
when pressing enter in the track string in the Wizard.

* The artist and album fields were swapped when hitting enter
in a tag field in the Wizard.

* Missing list redraw when setting "for all tags" in the Wizard.

* The "Input file" and "Output file" always showed the file
that was *previously* processed in the Wizard.

* The file list on the ID3 tags page in the Wizard now uses
NList.mcc which makes it possible to scroll sideways.

* Now there is an easier way of saving Default output path
in the Wizard.

* The buggy tasker object used for the sub process has finally
been replaced by proper AmigaOS calls.

* An MP3 encoding Wizard has been added which makes it easier
than ever before to make high quality MP3 files in no time!

* Added support for Flac, the free lossless audio codec.

* Updated locale catalogs for German, Italian, Spanish

* Works on MorphOS with MUI 4.

* Restructured every encoder GUI that had more than one page
and turned them into virtual groups.

* Made it possible to drop directories on the list window and
the Wizard.

* Updated to the latest Lame executables for all systems on
the auto-update server.

* AutoUpdate should work in E-UAE/Linux now.

* Should not try to locate the CD drive at startup everytime
now. Also enhanced the CD detection code a lot so it works
on MorphOS and WinUAE.

* Better installation of FreeDB.

* Uninstall options for CDDB and FreeDB if they were installed
by TheMPegEncGUI/CodeAudio.

* ...and much more minor fixes and improvements all over! :-)

* Added support for faad - AAC/MP4 audio decoder.

* Possibly fixed a bug when the ID3-tag limit was set to 30
characters but more than 30 characters was generated from

* Updated italian translation by Samir Hawamdeh.

v2.64 (auto-update)
* Added support for FreeDB.library!
You can chose between CDDB and FreeDB from the ID3-Tagging menu.

* Fixed a bug in the ObtainCDDB that said that there were less
entries (0) in the filelist than in the CDDB.

* Actions on the Mpega page got shifted into some menu options
due to me not recompiling the Mpega module after adding the
auto update feature in v2.60.

* Added "Rename automatically now" to the menu so that you can
rename existing files based on the ID3-tag, not only during

* The auto rename feature now filters out the most critically
forbidden characters from the new filename: :/"?#`*<>

* Added a switch to not check for updates at startup. May be of
use if you experience problems when starting The..GUI.
Generally you don't want or need to switch off this feature
though since you'll miss all new updates unless you check manually
using the menu option.

* "Autoload ID3-tags in Mpega page" now also affects picking a
single input file or typing in the input file string.

* The menu item "Set all the ID3-tags" didn't work. It had been

* The Lite version didn't set the Mpega input/output file string
in some circumstances and also didn't update disabling in the
tag editor when flipping page.

* The requester about CDDB: should not pop up when trying to
obtain CDDB even if the assign is not setup. It should be done
automatically now. (It was automatic before too but in the wrong

* Now the Help-key should bring up the guide if the guide is placed
in the default directory PROGDIR:Docs/.

* Forgot to change the dates in v2.61. Good thing I implemented
this live update :-)

* Added the --noreplaygain switch.

* Added a freetext field for newer parameters not yet present
in the GUI.

* Fixed a possible bug in an error message during download.

* Finally added the functionality to automatically rename files
that have been encoded!
See menu/ID3-tagging/Edit rename format string.

* Now TheMPegEncGUI can automatically download and install
various versions of Lame and the CDDB package for you if you
do not already have it!

* From now on you never need to check the web for new versions
because TheMPegEncGUI will automatically detect and give the
opportunity to automatically download and install new versions!

* This version doesn't seem to work with MorphOS and MUI 4 for
some reason. If you're uncertain, run only the full version
of TheMPegEncGUI, i.e. not the Lite or Lame version. The full
version contains some safety code preventing TheMPegEncGUI from
hanging in a loop if the bug appears.

* Fixed some problem with weight-disappearing objects in the
list window. Something is buggy there so I removed all weigthed

* Missed the "Volume Scaling" group title in the translation.

* Fixed some differencies between the 68k and the PPC version
of BladeEnc. -prio and -refresh is apparently not supported
by BladeEnc 68k.

* Added the possibility to have the power-LED flash after a
finished list on Classic machines.

* Completely reworked the way the default parameters are
handled! Now the "Do not exclude default values" is gone
from the prefs and every setting has its own specific
default or auto mode instead.

* Added a lot of new settings for Lame, including the new
--replaygain-accurate which prevents newer versions of Lame
from generating quiet MP3s. I'm not sure if it works though...?

* Menu shoutcuts didn't seem to work on OS4 (maybe they didn't
work on other systems either?). This is now fixed. Menu
shortcuts apparently need to be in uppercase to be accepted.

* Fixed a bug which caused a crash if you changed the console
settings while encoding with output to the console.

* Raised the stack a bit, so you who might have had trouble with
TheMPegEncGUI crashing on OS4 might find it more reliable now.

* -rawbyteorder didn't work for BladeEnc. Forgot a "=".

* When encoding single files and the time estimate finished
early, it wouldn't reset when encoding a new single file.

* Now full CDDB-support is built-in into TheMPegEncGUI!
You don't need to use some other program to get those CD-IDs
from the net and then try to figure out what file it was and
load that into The_GUI, all is now automated.
Insert a CD, add files (previously leached off the CD, or
directly from the CD if you have f.ex. AllegroCDFS), then
select Obtain CDDB from the ID3-Tag menu.

* When drag'n'dropping files into the file list window some
menu options were not enabled. You had to add a file using
the Add-button. Fixed.

* There were some dublettes and inconsistencies of hotkeys
for the menues.

* Switching between Lame/Mpega in Lite didn't work from the menu.

* The bitrate was not correct in the full and Lite versions.

Currently supported encoders:
* MusicIn - (68k and PowerUP)
* Pegase - (68k, WarpOS)
* Ncode - (68k, PowerUP and WarpOS)
* MP3Enc - (68k)
* Lame - (68k, PowerUP, WarpOS, MorphOS, AmigaOS4)
* BladeEnc - (68k, PowerUP)
* Flac - (68k, AmigaOS4, MorphOS)
* OggEnc - (68k, MorphOS, AmigaOS4)

Currently supported decoder:
* OggDec/Play - (68k, MorphOS, AmigaOS4)
* Faad - (68k, AmigaOS4)
* Ogg123 - (68k, MorphOS, AmigaOS4)
* Mpega - (68k, PowerUP, WarpOS, MorphOS, AmigaOS4)

What systems these encoders actually work with am I not quite sure of,
so don't be alarmed if it says (above) that an encoder doesn't work
on a particular system (PowerUP, WarpOS..), cause it might, or might
There might also be other ports of some encoders that this program
is not fully compatible with!

If anyone would come up with some other encoder I don't know about
and you want a GUI for it, just tell me where to get it and it
might end up in CodeAudio v3.1 :-)

CodeAudio is Key-mail Ware which means that you have
to send me an e-mail with your name to get a key-file so
you can get rid of all annoying requesters and text! :-)
It's absolutely free, I just want to know how many cool
users I've got :-)

Please use the Easy register that pops up when you start the
program. You can also reach it from the Project menu in the

Your name will ofcource not be used for anything else
than to create your personal keyfile which will be sent
back to you ASAP.

- And don't forget your NAME! Otherwise I can't generate a keyfile!

NOTE: If you have problem to get CodeAudio started, it's probably
because it can't fit on your screen :-(
If you can set smaller checkmark images in your default MUI
it might help. Otherwise you'll have to use an interlace mode
or a VGA-monitor.

Other programs by Deniil 715! can be found on OnyxSoft homepage at:

Feel free to mail me if you found bugs or have suggestions!
daniel / onyxsoft se

NOTE: Please, NEVER publish this e-mail on a web page or similar
unless spam-encrypted like above!

Upload Date:May 28 2016
Size:1 MB
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