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Description:A C64 emulator for MorphOS.
Developer/Porter:Christian Bauer
Short: C64 emulator for MorphOS
Author: Christian Bauer, Ilkka Lehtoranta (ilkleht@isoveli.org)
Uploader: Ilkka Lehtoranta (ilkleht isoveli org)
Version: 4.2

This is MorphOS version of well known free C64 emulator. It is just more than
a quick MorphOS port and implements many new things:

- Catweasel support: use original SID chip for genuine C64 sound
- Alternatively you can use AHI to emulate 6581 or 8580
- Multithreaded MUI GUI, Arexx port, Commodity support
- Joystick support
- Display scaling (hardware accelerated)
- Colour preferences
- F12 toggles between full screen and window mode
- F11 hides status bar in full screen mode
- Alternative OpenGL scaling (if you dont like overlay)
- AHI output can't block sound from other music programs

Using Catweasel

If you have Catweasel MK3 PCI Flipper you can use your SID chip for sound
emulation. Just choose "Catweasel" or "Catweasel+AHI" for sound emulation
and Frodo autodetects your card.

Using SID chip on your Catweasel produces more or less genuine sound but
unfortunately proper sample output is impossible. To remedy this problem
you can use another CW mode to let AHI handle samples.

CW Mk 4 is not supported (I don't know anyone using CW Mk 4 on Pegasos).

PowerUp MorphOS users

- Frodo is less CPU demanding than FrodoSC but FrodoSC is more accurate
- Enabling 1541 processor emulation slows down emulation even more
- Disabling SID filters can help a little
- Sound output is fixed to 48kHz/16bit which might be too much for old Paula
- You can possibly utilize Catweasel Mk 3 with G-Rex. It is not tested but
if it works you can take an advantage of "HW accelerated" SID emulation ;)

The official Frodo homepage:
Upload Date:May 25 2016
Size:544 KB
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