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Description:An open source re-implementation of Caesar III. Port By BeWorld
# Julius 1.4.1

MorphOS quick port by BeWorld

01.06.2020 : update 1.4.1
16.05.2020 : fix load/save game and rebuild with optimizations

you need last SDL2 libraries (SDL2 and SDL2_mixer)
I put mp3 files for games but you need DATA files

Plz read : README.md

Upload Date:Jun 01 2020
Size:31 MB
Last Comments
13 Jun 2020
Ahh! Why don't you add these instructions into the MOS docs?

It might also make it easier if the Patch files are kept in the archive as well, as they are only small in size, but vital for the game to work, and this will keep them easy to get at, as long as no-one objects to this at GitHub or from WiKi?

As well as that ... it's not gone that smoothly for me, as I've placed all the files off the Caesar 3 CD and into the Julus folder, but they are still in their original CD directories, and when I double-click on the Julius executable a small GUI flashes onto/off the screen, and nothing else happens!

Is there some other procedue that's required to get the game to play as intended?
11 Jun 2020
Just copy all files from CD (ISO) to Julius directory. And read this :


After copy CD files, you need copy path. Augustus is same, i put Augustus bin with julius ;-)
11 Jun 2020
How do you get a working Julius/Caesar III installation for MorphOS from the original Caesar3 PC CD?

Which 'executable' is required, and/or does the PC game installation need to be copied/transferred from a working PC game installation, as I am having great difficulty, as it won't install on my Windows 7 or 10 laptop PC from the original Caesar3 PC CD.

I get to the Autorun Install spalshscreen for the game, and then it does nothing to install from then on.

Can the files be copied across manually to a MorphOS folder and run from there, without having to install it o a PC first of all?

If so, then in what order do the files need to be laid out in the MorphOS folder?
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