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Description:Build of MPlayer 1.4.0, based on the original MPlayer 1.1-SVN-r37401
Developer/Porter:F.Coeurjoly, MorphOS Team
This is a MorphOS build of MPlayer 1.4 "SubCounter", based on the original
MPlayer 1.1-SVN-r37401 build ported by Fabien Coeurjoly

If you have any request, remark or suggestion, contact us at <support@morphos-team.net>

Latest Changes (scroll down for older history)

2020-Jun-19 - MPlayer 1.4 beta 1

- updated to latest official MPlayer 1.4 (r38132) release version, related ffmpeg updated
from 4.1.0 to latest 4.1.5
- updated mencoder cmdline encoding tool
- added support for openssl 1.1.1g to enable https:// protocol support in order to
stream via https:// directly
- updated libvpx 1.4.0 adds V9 encoder support and decoding of advanced bit depths
- updated libopus to 1.0.3 (min requirement for ffmpeg4)
- build with GCC 9.3.0
- AltiVec only for now, a seperate non-AltiVec version might be released at a later point


If you want to use GUI mode, rename "MPlayer" to "GMPlayer", or run mplayer
from shell with "mplayer -gui 1 <other parameters>".
The GUI works in both window and fullscreen and has 2 different modes:
- Integrated mode, using new cgx_overlay_gui video driver, displaying video
and gui in same window.
- Separated mode, using previous video drivers, displaying gui as a separate
control panel.

- Basic functionality (play/pause/framestep, seeking, fullscreen, volume,...)
- Can handle DVD, DVD with menus, DVD reading from a directory, Net Streams,
Files, Playlists, ...
- Audio-only files are supported.
- Playlist support.
- Drag'n'Drop support.
- Video and audio filters can be chosen.
- Subtitle selection, SSA Library support.
- DVD chapter/title/angle/audio/subtitles selection.
- Stream recording.

- Control panel can be hidden/shown with middle mouse button.
- The GUI only allows to configure a few from the hundreds mplayer options,
but you can still pass them in command line or in
conf/config file like before. Options overridden by the GUI are written
to conf/gui.conf.
- The preferences window is still quite basic, but may be extended in next

Parameters can be passed to command line or in conf/config file.
Please refer to MPlayer documentation for exhaustive information:

Common use cases from shell:

- Playing a file:
mplayer <filename> -quiet -vo cgx_overlay::PLANAR -autosync 30

- Playing a stream:
mplayer <stream url> -cachenetwork -cache 2048 -quiet -vo cgx_overlay::PLANAR -autosync 30

- Playing a dvd:
mplayer dvd:// -dvd-device ide.device:<unit> -cache 8192 -quiet -vo cgx_overlay::PLANAR -autosync 30
mplayer dvdnav:// -dvd-device ide.device:<unit> -quiet -vo cgx_overlay::PLANAR -autosync 30 (experimental dvd playback with menus support)

Morphos specific options:

+ Video drivers

There are four video output drivers, named cgx_overlay_gui (GUI embedded mode),
cgx_overlay, cgx_wpa and cgx_vmem (currently buggy, better skip it).

These morphos video output drivers accept options : monitor name, border type,
modeid, pubscreen name.

Syntax: -vo <driver name>:<monitor name>:<border type>:<MODEID=[hexvalue]|PUBSCREEN=[screen name]>:<driver specific options>

Note that you can pass several drivers as a list, where drivers are separated
by a comma.

- Monitor name is the monitor to be used. Only useful if you have more than
one graphic card.
- MODEID allows to set the screenmode MPlayer will use in fullscreen mode.
- PUBSCREEN is the name of the public screen MPlayer will open its window on,
in window mode.
- cgx_overlay driver accepts "PLANAR" argument, a different overlay format,
which is about 30% faster than default overlay mode, but isn't supported on
voodoos for instance. PLANAR is now tried first, and if it fails, standard
CHUNKY overlay is used instead. To prevent MPlayer from trying PLANAR mode,
use "NOPLANAR". Voodoo users should use NOPLANAR.

-vo cgx_overlay::PUBSCREEN=foobar
-vo cgx_overlay::NOPLANAR
-vo cgx_overlay::TINYBORDER:MODEID=0x40920044:PLANAR
-vo cgx_wpa::NOBORDER
-vo cgx_overlay::TINYBORDER,cgx_wpa::TINYBORDER

To be noted additional border, modeid and pubscreen settings aren't supported
in GUI embedded mode yet.

+ Audio drivers

Two audio drivers are available : ahi and ahi_dev.
"ahi" is default driver and uses music unit (exclusive mode).
"ahi_dev" uses device mode (means it can be shared).

If you use ahi device.audio, then exclusive mode is rerouted to device unit,
so these audio settings won't really matter.

Syntax: -ao <driver name>

Example: -ao ahi_dev

+ Cache system

Cache option is highly recommended for DVD
playback (to compensate reading latency) or network streaming.

mplayer -dvd-device ide.device:2 dvd://1 -cache 16384
mplayer -cache 8192 mms:// (nice example to test streaming abilities)

Known issues (generic):

These issues are not specific to MorphOS port, and most of them are already
reported to MPlayer bugtracker or mailing-list.

- DVDNav support is still experimental in MPlayer. DVD language and subtitle
selection don't work yet and there may be several other issues. So prefer default DVD if you encounter
issues with DVDNav.
- For DVD/DVDNav, subtitles aren't listed by default, even if slang/sid is
passed at startup. Press 'j' or use 'Cycle subtitles' in GUI menu.
- OSD Menu (-menu option) can sometimes crash with particular resolutions. It also makes rendering slower,
even when not visible.

History (morphos specific):

2018-Nov-20 (MPlayer 1.3.0 beta 2)
- now includes the updated mencoder cmdline encoding tool as well

2018-Nov-18 (MPlayer 1.3.0 beta 1)
- updated to latest official MPlayer 1.3.0 release version, related ffmpeg updated from
3.0.0 to latest 3.0.12
- mencoder not included in build for now
- no additional codecs/formats included or features added, basically only contains all
the bug fixes and enhancements that have been done since May 2015

- Updated to r37401, and a recent ffmpeg as well.

- Adjusted cache module to work with multicast UDP streams.

- Updated to r37235 (July 2014)

- Updated to r36172 (april 2013)
- Enabled Opus decoding/encoding

- Updated to 18.04.2012 svn (r34869)
- Removed a busy loop during cache filling phase.
- Fixed RTMP protocol.
- Don't crash when reading stdin when cache is enabled.
- GUI module:
- Added search function in playlist
- Show a dropdown indicator for the add file/dir/playlist/stream button.

- Updated to 06.12.2011 svn (r34400):
a regression was introduced in ffmpeg in previous release, which could cause a crash for some mp3
and avi files.

- Updated to 06.11.2011 svn (r34310)
- Added libmodplug support.
- Fixed a couple issues in dvdnav support.
- Reworked GUI to work with the new API.

- Updated to 04.06.2011 svn (r33557)

- Updated to 11.11.2010 svn (r32620)
- GUI module:
- Open subtitle requester now uses the current movie directory.
- Display chapter list for any media supporting it, and not only for DVD streams.
- "Add" button in playlist now allows to choose between file/directory/stream/playlist types.
- Added a popstring history to net stream requester.
- Filter out GMPlayer project icon from WBArgs to avoid confusing playlist remember option.
- Fixed mf:// input that got broken somehow.
- Bugfixes in cgx_overlay driver about ratio preservation after
fullscreen toggling.

- Updated to 20.07.2010 svn (r31757): many generic fixes and optimisations, VP8 codec, ...
- GUI module:
- If the GUI elements are hidden, show them again at the end of the playlist, to avoid a scary black screen.
- Added a message window that displays the errors/warnings/information printed in console (menu->project->messages)
- Force MPlayer to notify the GUI module about current DVD subtitles/audiotracks at startup, to avoid
selecting wrong items in audio tracks/subtitles lists.
- Added an option to choose if last visited path should be remembered and restored when choosing a file.
- Added an option to choose if last playlist should be remembered and restored at startup.
- After interrupting a network stream, the next title in playlist would sometimes fail to play.

- Updated to 27.04.2010 svn (r31099): fixes a samplerate issue with some MKV files.
- Don't resume playback when taking a screenshot in pause mode (request).

- Updated to 14.04.2010 svn (r31036): as usual, many new codecs, fixes and so on...
- GUI module:
- Don't spam status line with too frequent status updates.
- Don't change window focus in separated mode when playing a new title.
- Mouse pointer wasn't hidden when entering fullscreen mode if mouse wasn't moved first.
- General:
- Enabled librtmp support (still experimental in MPlayer).
- Automatically crop if source width exceeds the overlay maximal width instead of quitting (generally happens for
1080p streams on radeon 92x0 models, where overlay width is limited to 1536 pixels).
- Allow to interrupt network streams faster (it previously waited for buffer fill/connection timeout,
which could take quite some time).
- Fixed some modulo issue with some VP6 files and also in cgx_wpa driver, which would give a trashed display.
- Fixed some greenish effect on some WMV files.

- Updated to 21.08.2009 svn (r29543).
- GUI module:
- Audio tracks pulldown menu is now built for any kind of streams (not only DVD anymore).
- Added "Exit at playlist end" option in repeat modes.
- Added scale and crop to GUI video filters.
- Added volume gain filter to GUI audio menu.
- Display current/total time in GUI for (network) streams too. Some TS streams
might show a bogus current time, though.
- Fixed a layout issue in properties window if filename is too long.
- General:
- Enabled XVID encoding support in mencoder (libxvidcore).
- Added -noaltivec option (can be useful for benchmarks or potentially broken altivec decoders).
- Fixed OggTheora demuxer, so that video stream is detected again.

- Hot fix: due to some dep issue in the release build, there could be some crash
at exit on MorphOS 1.4.

- Updated to 08.03.2009 svn (r28898).
- Cosmetics in GUI.
- MPlayer in GUI mode can now be started from a standalone project icon with "GUI" tooltype.
- Remember last visited path and pattern in ASL requester.
- When opening/adding a directory, the above pattern is used for the recursion.
- When using TrueType fonts, display fontconfig indexation progress if needed.
- Added ScaleTempo in audio filters menu.
- Added speed increase/decrease option in menu.

- Hot fix: blanker disabling support got broken in previous release (blanker wouldn't
trigger again after mplayer was run in gui mode).

- Updated to 08.12.2008 svn (r28114). Amongst other things, it adds support for
realvideo 9/10 files.
- GUI module:
- Playlist titles can now be rearranged by drag'n'drop. They can also be
sorted by clicking column header.
- Added a "remove all" (except currently played file) button in playlist
- Fixed an issue with playlists loading.
- Added repeat title/playlist option.
- Status would sometimes not be updated properly. Fixed
- Added a DVD menu icon in DVDNav mode. Please someone draw a proper one. :)
- General:
- Enabled and fixed (hopefully) Altivec runtime detection, to avoid having
two binaries. Since MPlayer is not perfect in this regard, let me know if
by any chance, you encounter an altivec exception on G3 or Efika.
- Added support for 422P and YUY2 pixel formats that avoid unnecessary
conversions (i.e faster).
- In overlay mode, don't crash if movie width isn't supported by the graphic
card (older/cheaper radeon models don't support overlay sources larger
than 1536 pixels).

- Updated to 09.11.2008 svn (r27902). To be noted it at least fixes some
recently introduced issue with some mpeg4 files (googlevideo for instance).
- More work on GUI module:
- Option to resize window to original movie dimensions (or 50%/200%).
- Record option to dump a netstream (only works for cached streams for now).
- Directories can now be dropped to main window/playlists, or opened from menu.
- Shuffle option in playlist.
- Metadata title field is displayed in status string, if available
- ICY information (shoutcast) displayed in status string, if available.
- Some files would sometimes be skipped in playlist. Fixed.
- Reworked a bit GUI show/hide behaviour.
- GUI can now be started in fullscreen (-fs/fs=1)
- Status string was refreshed more than necessary.
- General fixes:
- Increased a bit audio buffer length with ao_ahi driver.
- There could be some "hickup at start" effect when playing a new file in playlist. Fixed.
- Snapshot filenames are truncated (if necessary) to preserve indexes.

- New GUI module.

- Updated to 13.09.2008 svn (r27605).
- Blanker is also disabled if MPlayer is used on other public screens.
- Mouse Pointer wasn't hidden on a window->fullscreen switch.
- DVD playback from hard drive is now possible (use -dvd-device foo:dvd-directory).
- Added libx264 and libfaac for H264 and AAC encoding support in mencoder.

- Updated to 20.06.2008 svn (which fixed some bugs in ts and mjpeg files at least).
- Fixed a few morphos specific bugs regarding screen->window switch when window
couldn't be opened again.

- Don't require usergroup.library (fontconfig).
- Fixed a crash in current ffmpeg's rv10 demuxer.
- Force LC_NUMERIC to "C", to avoid truncating floating numbers in config files.

- Better Ctrl-C handling

- Implemented switch_ratio internal command (a localized decimal value is expected
as argument).

- Enabled libass support, which gives SSA/ASS subtitle support (freetype fonts,
colours, styles,...).
It can be enabled with -ass. Note that you should edit conf/font/fonts.conf
and set your preferred truetype fonts directory (line 26: <dir>sys:fonts/_ttf</dir> by default).
Warning: at first use, mplayer/libass will generate the font cache, which
can take several seconds.
If no font is found, mplayer will fall back to conf/subfont.ttf (can be any
font, not included in archive).
- Enabled libiconv support. MPlayer now requires iconv.library (will make it
optional later).
CodePage can be chosen with -subcp option. For instance -subcp cp1250 for
polish charset.
- Implemented "run" mplayer internal command which allows to execute external
commands from mplayer, and also from osd menu console (for instance run "echo hello").
It may be useful for some interacting scripts, especially when used with the
MPlayer rexx port.

- Updated to 02.05.2008 SVN.
- Added mouse navigation in OSD menus and DVDNav.
- Added an extension filter in ASL requester when MPlayer is run from Ambient.

- Made PLANAR overlay mode default. If this mode isn't supported, CHUNKY overlay
mode is used instead.
- Updated vo options documentation (PUBSCREEN, MODEID)

- Updated to 28.04.2008 SVN.
- Updated to 28.04.2008 libdvdnav/libdvdread
Still chapters now work. Language selection still doesn't work properly.
- Enabled OSD menus.
Use -menu to enable them. Press 'c' (default menu key) and navigate with
cursor/enter keys.
- Reworked input system to accept more keys (use MapRawKey).
- Fixed ao_ahi and ao_ahidev drivers: they weren't fully reentrant, which
could cause issues (or even crash) when using a playlist for instance.
- Added drag'n'drop support: drop a video file to MPlayer window to play it
(dropping an audio file will cause window to disappear though!).

- Reduced stuttering a bit in ao_ahi driver. In any case, -autosync 30 is
most definitely recommended to smooth playback.
- Subtitles located at volume root wouldn't be automatically detected.
- When playing a DVD (dvd:// dvdnav://), display DVD title if possible in
window title.
- Improved a bit fullscreen black border handling.
- Added a52volume option to increase gain (with less loss than -af volume option):
-a52volume <gain in dB>, 10 or 20 being a good start.

- Reworked cache support for dvd streams. Should avoid stalling at precache
stage in some cases.
- Added experimental dvdnav support. 4.1.2 version still doesn't support still
chapters and language selection.
Navigation is done with the following keypad keys (can be changed in input.conf):
2 4 6 8 (directions), 5 (menu), 7 (back), 9 (select).

mplayer dvdnav:// -nocache -vo cgx_overlay::PLANAR
(nocache because dvdnav has its own cache implementation, and PLANAR to
get a transparent selection effect instead of an opaque rectangle in menus).

- Added Altivec support (MorphOS 2.0).
- Added blanker support (MorphOS 2.0). Blanker is disabled when Mplayer is
playing a video, and enabled again when paused or quit.
- Dos64 support (MorphOS 2.0).

- Removed hardcoded doubleclick time value (300ms) MPlayer team added in 1.0rc2,
to make (for instance) doubleclick to fullscreen feature a bit more friendly.
- Fixed a long standing bug in ahi audio code: mono signal was never handled
properly by MPlayer ahi driver, but in older MPlayer versions, signal was
always passed as stereo (and thus it always sounded correctly), which changed
since 1.0pre8 or so. This should fix the "too fast audio playback" in video
files coming with a mono audio stream.

- Updated to 1.0rc2 common tree.

1.0rc1-svn (based on 10.04.2007 sources)

- Found the reason for network instability with cache usage.
Should be safe to use it now but -cachenetwork option is still needed, just
in case. :)

- Added cache2 (mplayer cache implementation name) support for file, dvd and
network streams.
+ It should make DVD playback smoother with slow drives. Use -cache <size in kB>
to enable it. For a DVD stream, 8192 seems to be a good value.
+ Network streams with cache2 enabled still have stability issues, so I added
an extra parameter that needs to be set if you really want to use cache2 for
that kind of streams : -cachenetwork
For instance : mplayer <stream uri> -cachenetwork [-cache 1024] (if -cache <value>
is not set for network streams, a default value corresponding to bitrate will be set).

- Added mp3lame support in mencoder.
- Rexx support (rx "options results; address MPLAYER.1; 'help'; say result'" for syntax).
- Very basic tray.library support.
- Filename displayed in window title.
- Used 64bits offsets where needed to fix DVD seek bug (DVD would seek from beginning
at some point).
- Removed stupid "insert volume dvd:/http/whatever" request window
- Added PLANAR argument to overlay video driver
- Removed some signal leaks.
- Added support for 24bit audio output.
- Added alpha drawing for osd display in overlay/planar mode (as it unfortunately
involves vmem reads, it could prove to be slow if there's much to draw, so
it will probably be optional later).

Upload Date:Jun 19 2020
Size:27 MB
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14 Jan 2024
Altivec only, check readme
Mad Skateman
14 Jan 2024
Does not seem to work on my AmigaOne X5000. The Mplayer 1.0 svn does work without problems.