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Description:Decompiles snapshots of Quilled games
Developer/Porter:Stefan Haubenthal
Short: Decompiles snapshots of Quilled games
Author: jce@seasip.info (John Elliott)
Uploader: polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Type: game/edit
Version: 0.11.2
Architecture: ppc-morphos; other
URL: https://www.seasip.info/Unix/UnQuill/index.html

UnQuill v0.11.2 - John Elliott, 20 May 2020

Command format is unquill {-Ooutput-file} {-opt -opt ... } quillfile

Decompiles .SNA snapshots of Quilled games to text.
Options are:
-TR: Run the game!
-TI: Output a source file for Inform
-T5: Output a Z5 file for Z-code interpreters
-TZ: Outputs text in ZXML (converts Spectrum colour/
flash controls to HTML-style <ATTR> commands).
-C : Force output of Z-code to standard output
-G : Make the Z-code file use graphical drawing characters
-M : Make the Z-code file not use colours
-L : Attempt to interpret as a 'later' type Quill file.
-O : Redirect output to a file. If this option is not
present, stdout is used.
-Sx : Skip section x. x can be one of:
C - condition tables
F - user-defined font
G - location graphics
L - location texts
M - message texts
N - coNNections
O - object texts
S - system messages
U - User-defined graphics
V - vocabulary tables
-V : Verbose. Annotate condition and connection tables
with message, object and location texts.
-Q : Quiet (no beeping)
Mail bug reports to <jce@seasip.info>.

Upload Date:Sep 03 2020
Size:243 KB
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