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Description:Dims your screen to eye pleasing levels of darkness.
Developer/Porter:Matthias Böcker
Short: Dims your screen to eye pleasing levels of darkness
Author: #amigazeux, Matthias "UltraGelb" Böcker (ugelb@gmx.net)
Uploader: #amigazeux, Matthias "UltraGelb" Böcker (ugelb@gmx.net)
Version: V1.1
Type: util/misc
Requires: MorphOS 2.0+
Website: http://amigazeux.net

DimScreen is a Commodity.

DimScreen can dim your screen to a setable percentage of its original
brightness. Furthermore it can dim your screen in a smooth way over a
selectable time period (100ms up to 10 seconds).

One night I was watching a movie with my other computer completely in the
dark when I noticed how bright the monitor of the development machine was
(it was a dark movie). So I found myself wishing for a simple program to
dim down the brightness of the monitor at the will of a fingertip and
still being able to see what's going on on the screen (IRC for example)
without having to fiddle with the monitor controls. And thus the idea for
DimScreen was born.

Double-Click the Install icon and DimScreen will be installed to your system.

Please note that the Install Script will copy DimScreen to your WBStartup drawer.

V1.2 (04.09.2019)
- Timed dimming couldn't really be aborted by the user and always redimmed the screen.
Now, once timed dimming is aborted it won't autodim the screen anymore until the time
falls again in the set time perion the next day. Thanks to Chris Delorme for the report.

V1.1 (17.08.2019)
- Added an option to have DimScreen dim the screen for a setable time
period. Thanks to Chris Delorme for the suggestion.

V1.0 (24.01.2019)
- Initial release

In case you like this little tool please consider donating some money to
#amigazeux at http://paypal.me/amigazeux


IF you want to contact the author please write an email to amigazeux@gmx.net or visit
irc.amigazeux.de channel: #amigazeux

-- #amigazeux 2019

Upload Date:Sep 04 2019
Size:75 KB
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