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Description:The acidulous CPC/CPC+ emulator by OffseT of Futurs'.
Developer:Philippe Rimauro
Short: Amstrad CPC/CPC+ Emulator
Author: offset@cpcscene.net (Philippe Rimauro)
Uploader: offset cpcscene net (Philippe Rimauro)
Type: misc/emu
Version: 1.22
Requires: MorphOS 3.14 or better.
Architecture: ppc-morphos

ACE 1.22
The acidulous CPC/CPC+ emulator
by Philippe 'OffseT' Rimauro

For the latest version, check


An Amstrad CPC emulator? Again?

Yes! Yet another CPC emulator! Anyway, ACE is different.

ACE is not based on any existing emulator and was coded from scratch, using a
real CPC as reference in order to provide the best Amstrad CPC emulator ever.

The current version of ACE does not offer all the expected features yet.
Nevertheless, almost all of the Amstrad CPC and Amstrad Plus games and demos are
working perfectly; actually, the quality of the emulation is already superior
to what the best CPC emulators on PC/Windows can produce (sorry guys, only
Amiga makes it possible! Again...).

In addition to the high quality emulation, ACE features full screen and overlay
display, editor and analyzer windows for all emulated CPU and chipsets,
video recording, advanced breakpoints management, a very powerful set of AREXX
commands for cross-development, a plugin interface... and much more...


3MB of free hard disk space,
16MB of free RAM,
CPU at 700MHz for CPC, 1GHz for CPC+.


Just copy the ACE drawer where you want and execute it.
See documentation in the Help drawer for more information.

Upload Date:Oct 23 2020
Size:1 MB
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