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Description:MorphOS Italian Keymap
Developer/Porter:Dino Papararo
Short: MorphOS Italian Keymap
Author: Dino Papararo (Dino.Papararo@GMail.com)
Uploader: Dino Papararo (Dino.Papararo@GMail.com)
Type: driver/input
Version: 1.1 (07-Nov-2020)
Replaces: pc105_i.lha
Requires: MorphOS 1.x - 2.x - 3.x
Architecture: ppc-morphos;

Version hystory:
New in V1.1 version
added '~' (tilde)
new readme MOS png icon
default readme tool switched to system default path "SYS:Utilities/MultiView"

New in V1.0
first version released

On MorphOS 3.x default italian keymap has some missing symbols.
Others are placed on other keys.

So I decided to fix italian keymap for MorphOS and now the following symbols
are placed exactly where they should be!

@ 'Alt'+'�'
# 'Alt'+'�'
~ 'Alt'+'�'
[ 'Alt'+'�'
] 'Alt'+'+'
{ 'Alt'+'Shift'+'�'
} 'Alt'+'Shift'+'+'

To install copy "pc105_i" file over the original or copy it in MorphOS keymap
drawer and choose it by language/keyboard preferences
If you copy it above the original remember first to make a backup copy to
recover it, if ever needed!
Later choose italian keyboard from MOS prefs and..
Enjoy it!

Amiga Rulez

Upload Date:Nov 07 2020
Size:13 KB
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