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Description:A basic vector graphics editor that allows to create, save and load graphics in the widely used SVG file format
Developer/Porter:Andre Siegel
VectorInk Graphics Editor

Description: VectorInk is a basic vector graphics editor that allows to create, save and load
graphics in the widely used SVG file format. It offers common features such as Path, Text, Pencil,
Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, and Shape Tools as well as a basic layering system for altering the order
of elements.

The main purpose of the application is assist in the creation and editing of icon designs and basic
graphics to be used with other applications or document types.

Please note that, depending on their file format structure, drawings that were not created with VectorInk
may only be partially editable via the graphical user interface. You can still alter those graphics by
using the built-in SVG source code editor.

Please do not hesitate to report any issues on MorphZone (https://morph.zone).


- Free-hand drawing
- Lines, Polylines
- Rectangles/Squares
- Ellipses/Circles
- Polygons/Curved Paths/Stars
- Stylable Text
- Select/move/resize/rotate
- Undo/Redo
- Color/Gradient picker
- Group/ungroup
- Align
- Convert Shapes to Path
- Linear Gradient Picking
- View and Edit SVG Source
- Resizable Canvas
- Editing outside the canvas
- Multiple path segment selection
- Radial Gradients
- Configurable Options
- Eye-dropper tool


- Copy the VectorInk folder to SYS:Applications so the "VectorInk" program is located at

Minimum system requirements:

- Kite Hybrid-App Runtime v1.0 or newer.
- Any machine that is able to run MorphOS 3.14 or newer.
- At least 256 MB of system memory.

Recommended system requirements:

- PowerMac G5 or faster.
- 128MB of graphics memory
- 512MB of system memory

How to run

1. Double-click the VectorInk icon.

Known quirks and limitations:

- Trying to edit the path of complex drawings that were created with other software may result in
odd UI behavior.

- Only available in English language. (If you would like to see support for multiple languages,
please consider donating and stating this as the purpose.)

- Only available with a custom Origo theme. (If you would like to see custom UI settings and/or
automatic selection from multiple themes, please consider donating and stating this as the purpose.)


For feedback and questions, please visit https://morph.zone

To support this and similar projects, visit http://kite.morph.zone/contribute


Many thanks to the MorphZone users NewSense and Templario for donating to Folio's development, which is a separate but
technically affiliated project.

Thanks to Frank Mariak for compiling numerous binaries of the MorphOS version of Kite, which VectorInk utilizes, and
fixing related issues.

Also, thanks to Thomas Igracki for providing code that provides proper focus to applications after switching between


VectorInk was developed by Andr� Siegel. The author can be contacted by sending an email to

This version of the project is based on Method Draw, which is a fork of the popular SVG-edit. For anyone interested
in developing a similar application, the source code for both projects can be found on Github. The original unaltered
sources are available under the permissive MIT license.

Release History

Version 1
First release.
Version 1.1
1. Enabled compact UI mode that allows to use the application in screen resolutions as low as 800x600 (as suggested by amifrog).
2. Fixed absolute paths that referenced the default system partition name rather than the generic "SYS" (as reported by Geit/jPV).
3. Added additional styling to node-related tool buttons for a more coherent appearance.
4. Disabled leftover debug window that was triggered by clicking the fullscreen mode button.
Upload Date:Nov 08 2020
Size:20 MB
Last Comments
24 Jan 2024
VectorInk v1.1 seems to be a stable program to use, from my limited use of it, but even though it is a MUI GUI there does not seem to be any bubble-help for any of the tools.

In fact, the only documentation consists of a ReadMe file is not really sufficient IMHO to be able to use it comprehensively, even though it is "advertised" as a "basic vector graphics editor" for SVG vector art it has some very useful, and handy features for creating SVG graphics, which would be nice to see added to with other programs of this type.

Though I would like to see it more greatly appreciated and used by MorphOS users.

However, it seems that some of the interface buttons, with none of them being enhanced with text or any guide or PDF file to guide a user on how to best use it then it is seemingly being neglected by many I feel, which is a real shame.

I hope the author André Siegel will address some of these issues and improve it so that it is more user-friendly, with text for the buttons, and an option for a main menu, as there is actually no GUI right-mouse button drop-down (pull-down) menu to enable in any case.

It's a great "second" release (v1.1) but a few additions to improve it more, to make it more user-friendly would probably encourage more users to utilise it more often and take advantage of the options it offers us all.