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Description:BASIC-like language for Atari 2600 games
Developer:Stefan Haubenthal
Short: BASIC-like language for Atari 2600 games
Author: Fred X. Quimby and the batari Basic team
Uploader: polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Type: dev/cross
Version: 1.5
Architecture: ppc-morphos
URL: https://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-commands.html

batari Basic (bB) is a BASIC-like language for creating Atari 2600 games.
It is a compiled language that runs on a computer, and it creates a binary
file that can be run on an Atari 2600 emulator or the binary file may be used
to make a cartridge that will operate on a real Atari 2600.

If you find any bugs, please report them via github.

To learn how to use Batari Basic, please refer to the documentation found at:
and the sample programs included in this release.

setenv bB PROGDIR:

Upload Date:Nov 28 2020
Size:325 KB
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