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Description:Solution of the game The Widow by Templario
Developer/Porter:J.C. Herran Martin
THE WIDOW: MORGUE SOFT�s END is a point and click adventure with
paranormal and terror ambient in 2D a mix of classic games like �Maniac Mansion��
and �Elvira Mistress of the Dark��.
The Widow has the classic puzzles and mini games, a little summary of the best
games and programs made for me with my programming and graphic design skills
many learned developing the game Sabrina Sex Slave.
This is the last game or program that Morgue Soft Ltd. will do, with this game
Morgue Soft. Ltd. ends more of 27 years in Amiga hobby, where I know to good
people, people who come and go without saying goodbye, people who have died, even
bad people doing this hobby hateful because they that Amiga is their private property,
when Amiga is of all their users.

Improvements from this new version (31-01-2021):
- Added new languanges: Italian and German.
- Fixed the English language text.
- Added new improvements to improvement the paranormal experience and the history and its charapters.
- Bug fixes.
Available in these languages: Castellano. English. Fran�aise. Italian. Deutsch.

MorhpOS� 2.7-3.x running on PPC system.
AmigaOS4.x� running on a PPC system or under emulation as WinUAE�.
AROS� running on a PC x86 or under emulation.
Windows Vista�, 7�, 8�, 10� of 64 bits, running on a PC x64.
Windows XP�, Vista�, 7�, 8�, 10� of 32 bits, running on a PC x86.
Linux� of 32-64 bits, running on a PC x86-x64.
Raspbian� running on a Raspberry Pi�.
NOTE: Amiga versions need 24 bit mouse pointer support.
Upload Date:Feb 18 2021
Size:9 KB
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