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Description:MorphOS port of Postal, an isometric top-down shooter video game developed by Running with Scissors

Compile notes: gcc 9.3.0 with SDL_2.0.12 SDK.

Game needs GoG Postal Classic and Uncut version (free). Other versions may fail loading data.

Put res/ title/ dirs from GoG and morphos executable + the provided POSTAL.INI in some place.

Game creates a ./PostalPlus dir where the .INI file is copied and can be modified.

Launch game with --resolution 640x480 for performance.

Other options: --windowed
Debug (fps) can be enabled in POSTAL.INI.

Game notes:
Save only works when you finish the level.
No prompt is showed when a level is finished: Use F1 key.
Demo loading not working (some path problems).

Upload Date:Mar 28 2021
Size:1 MB
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