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Description:FFmpeg is a collection of libraries and tools to process multimedia content such as audio, video, subtitles and related metadata.
ffmpeg 4.3.2 (MorphOS version beta)

Need : SDL2 library installed

Know bug / limitation :
- No Activec accelerated in this version.
- Bug or not on output path, for example :
- fmpeg installed in c:
- from CLI / Ram Disk:
- ffmpeg -i work:datas/myvideo.mp4 myvideo.avi
- myvideo.avi save where ffmpeg is located (your file save in c:)
- better, you need to use fullpath : (example) ffmpeg -i work:datas/myvideo.mp4 work:datas/myvideo.avi
- maybe more problem, i dont test a lot of command....

I build this version with GCC 10 in native mode (not easy).... (it's more easy to use cross-compiling)

I included a lot of external libraries :
- libmodplug
- libfreetype
- libopus
- libvorbis
- libwebp
- libtheora
- libmp3lame
- openssl (from SDK)
- lzma (from SDK)
- png (from SDK)
- bzlib
- zlib (from SDK)

Lot of sources were taken from SDK, AmigaOS4 port and Mplayer (fab) sources.

FFplay working but use only software renderer.

if you want all libraries to recompile ffmpeg, mail me : beworld @ sfr.fr
ALTIVEC port seem have a problem, need expert developer :-)

I put all sources on my github : htps://github.com/BeWorld2018/FFmpeg/tree/morphos-4.3

Thanks to KL/BatteMan for first tests.


Upload Date:Apr 06 2021
Size:22 MB
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08 Apr 2021
Only BeWorld Makes It Possible ! ;)
Thx BeWorld !
06 Apr 2021
Superb! Thank you king BeWorld. You are my hero:)