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Description:Free Pascal Compiler
Developer/Porter:Marcus Sackrow
Short: FreePascal for MorphOS
Uploader: alb42 web de (Marcus Sackrow)
Author: FreePascal Development Team
Type: dev/lang
Version: 3.2.2
Architecture: powerpc-morphos
URL: https://www.freepascal.org
Replaces: dev/lang/fpc-3.2.0a-ppc-amiga.lha

Free Pascal Compiler (FPC) for MorphOS
Version: 3.2.2

The Free Pascal compiler, tools, runtime libraries and packages are
distributed under the Library GNU General Public License
(see the file docs/copying and docs/copying.fpc)

Contents of the drawer "3rdParty" are not part of Free Pascal and
distributed on their own licenses.

in detail

vasm - distributed with permission by Volker Barthelmann
see the file 3rdParty/vasm/LICENSE

vlink - distributed with permission by Frank Wille
see the file 3rdParty/vlink/LICENSE

- PowerPC CPU equipped computer with MorphOS 3.5+
- 50 - 250 MB HD space (depending on selected packages)

- Start the Installer: fpc_install
- Choose the installation method
- Novice will make a typical Installation to Work:FPC
- On the other Levels you can choose the target (a new drawer "FPC"
will be created there) and packages to install
- "minimal" will install:
- command-line compiler
- resource compiler, fpcmake
- vlink/vasm
- RTL, MorphOS specific units with examples
- "typical" will install:
- all from "minimal"
- FP-IDE (Free Pascal Console IDE)
- useful additional units (FCL, regexpr, symbolic, ...)
- various translations for Free Pascal
- "full" will install:
- all from "typical"
- some seldom used tools (pputools, configmaker)
- some seldom needed units (googledata, sharepoint, ...)
- with customized you can configure which packages to install
by default the setting for typical is shown
- The installer creates two entries in the file s:user-startup,
an assign FPC: to the installation directory,
and a path command which adds the compiler binaries' directory to the path.
- After the Installer finishes, do not forget to restart your computer
before using the command-line compiler or the IDE.

How to use:
- open a shell type fpc <source file>
- double click "Free Pascal IDE" to get the IDE

see the file docs/readme.txt for more information

Information about Free Pascal for MorphOS:

Information about Free Pascal in general:
Documentation RTL/FCL/LCL

Information about vasm:

Information about vlink:

Upload Date:May 23 2021
Size:54 MB
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