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Description:YouTube URL extractor.
Developer/Porter:Thomas Igracki
This is the MorphOS version of the YouTube URL extractor v2.2 from Michael
Trebilcock from os4depot.

I made some changes to be able to use this script under MorphOS and added
some requesters to choose the video format and the name of the saved video.
MagicBeacon is used under MorphOS instead of Ringhio, and the comment of
the saved video is set to the youtube url.

I also added a small yt-search script, to search for youtube videos from
the shell:
Example: s:yt-search "Greedium"

Copy ALL sys/ sys:

Because the default "rexx:" assign points to "s:", you may (if not
already done) make sure that "rexx:" is also assigned to "sys:rexx/"!
Add the next line to your s:user-startup file:
Assign rexx: sys:rexx ADD

To integrate it in OWB, see the picture: OWB_Contextmenus.png

Since Youtube seems to always use https urls for their videos nowadays
and MPlayer can't stream https urls you have to first download the video
to play it!
I added a requester to ask if you want to play the video while
downloading it if you use the SAVE option.

MPlayer will be opened after 500.000 bytes were downloaded of the video!
Or earlier, if the video is shorter than 500.000 bytes.
You can change this value in yt.cfg, search for "PWDL_MinSize".
Default is 500K, e.g. 500000 bytes.

After MPlayer gets closed a requester will ask you if you want to delete
the just downloaded video.
If the download is not finished after you close MPlayer, it will be
aborted to be able to delete the video!

I also put ffmpeg and lame into this archive to have all needed programs
Every user should already have MPlayer so I didn't included it.

See "yt.rexx" for the changelog.

- made changes from original v2.2 from 25.05.21, youtube now works again! Thanks Michael!
- removed sys/c/ffmpeg, because there is a newer version in https://www.morphos-storage.net/

28-Apr-2020, not released yet
- now using SimpleTouch, to be able to touch files containing "(", because they are wildcards
and c:Touch supports wildcards, so it was easier to write a Touch w/o wildcards support
- if a video couldn't be downloaded, e.g. wget returns "ERROR 403: Forbidden", the file was created
but with a filesize of 0, and the script just checks for existence not for the filesize, so it
thought that the file was downloaded, now it checks the filesize (with c:Fileinfo)
the created script t:yt_pwdl also checks for the filesize before starting video player!

- added a ">NIL:" to the Break command, to have no output if the video is completely downloaded
before you close MPlayer
- "Touch" the downloaded video so it gets current date and time after it was downloaded,
previously the date/time was set to the original date/time

09-Mar-2002, v2.1c
- added the "Okay" script to sys/s, needed for s/DumpAudioAsMP3
- sys/s/yt-search: YTS_ParseLine.rexx is now called with fullpath (rexx:)
- reworked the readme file
- Breaking downloading if you quit MPlayer before download is completed
didn't worked anymore (don't know why, this definately worked earler..)
(now I build a script with the commands instead concatenate the commands)
- added support for AutoPlay for MorphOS (set AutoPlay="1" in yt.cfg)
this works like normal "save play" option (playing while downloading) but
without requesters

24-Feb-2020, v2.1b
I added my additional settings to YT.cfg, you may have to change them to
your needs!

v1.6 of the original yt.rexx script uses duktape instead of spidermonkey
as javascript interpreter (js).
So I compiled the current (2017-09-23) duktape v2.2.0 (same as os4 uses)
for MorphOS.
It seems to work quiet good, although I only tried the included
mandel.js, and with Spidermonkey-js it takes about 38 miliseconds
calculate the ascii mandebrot. With duktape it only takes about 6
So duktape is the default javascript interpreter (sys/c/js)!
The Spidermonkey-js is still present in sys/c as "js_spidermonkey"

Upload Date:Jun 06 2021
Size:1 MB
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