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Description:The Widow the point and click terror and paranormal adventure where you try to resolve the mystery hidden behind of Morgue Soft's End.
Developer:J.C. Herran Martin

Title: The Widow

Version: Final version

Kind: Paranormal and terror adult adventure game

Plataform: MorphOS

Game for: Adults

Description: THE WIDOW: MORGUE SOFT’s END is a point and click adventure with paranormal and
terror ambient in 2D a mix of classic games like “Maniac Mansion™” and “Elvira
Mistress of the Dark™”.

The Widow has the classic puzzles and mini games.
The best way of enjoy a terror experience with The Widow is to use headphones
to feel the paranormal sound effects of the environment

Available in next languages:
1.Spanish. 2.English. 3.Italiano. 4.French. 5.Polish.

Features from this Final Version:

1. Now the game start with your language if it is available or with default
language: English. The intro languages screen has been removed.
2. You can choose play in window or full screen, with the new option in the
game Settings.
Upload Date:Jun 12 2021
Size:18 MB
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