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Description:The Widow the point and click terror and paranormal adventure where you try to resolve the mystery hidden behind of Morgue Soft's End.
Developer/Porter:J.C. Herran Martin

Title: The Widow

Version: Final version 2
Kind: Paranormal and terror adult adventure game

Game for: Adults

Description: THE WIDOW: MORGUE SOFT’s END is a point and click adventure with paranormal and
terror ambient in 2D a mix of classic games like “Maniac Mansion™” and “Elvira
Mistress of the Dark™”.

The Widow has the classic puzzles and mini games.
The best way of enjoy a terror experience with The Widow is to use headphones
to feel the paranormal sound effects of the environment

Available in next languages:
1.Spanish. 2.English. 3.Italiano. 4.French. 5.Polish.

Features from this Final Version:

1. This new version was compiled using the Hollywood 9.0 bought with the
donations obtained from this game, thank you very much to all donors.
2. Fixed visual bug with menu of bag.
Upload Date:Sep 01 2021
Size:18 MB
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