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Description:Little happy birthday electronic card with a charapter singing the Happy Birthday
Developer/Porter:J.C. Herran Martin

Title: Happy Birthday eCard
Version: 1.00
Kind: Miscelaneus
Plataform: MorphOS
Requeriments: charsets.library
Description: This little happy birthday electronic card with a charapter
singing the Happy Birthday.

You can personalize the ecard with the name and age of the
person to honor in the Birtday.txt file you can write these
1. In the first line write the name or nick.
2. The second line the age.
3. In the third line if you want the charapter is singing
dressed or naked with "NoNaked" or "Naked".
4. In the fourth line the charapter to singing:
"Amiga500" for an Amiga 500.
"Woman" for a beauty model.
"Fairy" for a beauty fairy.
5. In the fith line you can add you personal voice dedica-
tion with this command:
"voice.mp3", "voice.wav", "voice.ogg", this voice dedi-
cation must not exceed of 2 seconds, as in the examples
and the perfect sound format the ogg because the others
need the dataype or library installed.

The lines without blanks or points at the end.

Keyboard shortcuts:
ESC: To exit from the program.
SpaceBar: Minimize/Hide the program.

The eCard congratulates in several languages:
1.Spanish. 2.English. 3. French. 4.German. 5.Polish.

Upload Date:Oct 30 2021
Size:3 MB
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