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Description:A classic shooter in new 3D environment.
Short: Fortis, classic shooter in 3D environment
Author: Encore
Uploader: Mariusz "MDW" Wlodarczyk (encore@amiga.pl)
Type: game/action
Version: 1.3
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 3.14
Requires: MorphOS, PowerPC, 3D acceleration support

------------ info ------------

What's new in ver. 1.3 (October 23rd, 2020):
- Fixed crash of the game application on MorphOS 3.12-3.14.
- Fixed generating 'Version String'.
- The game project moved to Flow Development Studio.
- The application compiled in MorphOS SDK 3.14 (GCC 8).


FORTIS means in latin strong, courageous and heroic and that what
takes to fight with the enemies and successfully accomplish the game!

Fortis is classical shooter in new 3D environment. The new arrangement,
amazing graphics and effects will guarantee you great fun time!
The player controls the agile plane equipped with the shield.

Game features:
- 36 levels divided into 3 stages,
- bonus level in each stage,
- diversity of enemies have different kind of weapons, strength
and resistance and they can be consolidated into bigger ships,
- increasing difficulty through the game,
- storing best results,
- amazing sounds effects, 2 songs in the background, volume control,
- interface in 3 languages: English, French and Polish,
- 3 player profiles with independent save game for each,
- 4 different 3D backgrounds,
- camera following the hero's ship,
- 4 upgradable weapons to use: cannon, plasma, rocket and fireball,
- each weapon has snap to enemy option,
- store with weapons and ammunitions,
- hero's ship shield,
- keyboard and/or mouse controlling the ship (thumbsticks for
moving and shooting),
- impressive 3D menu,
- diverse pick ups (energy, shield, bombs, ammunition, weapon,
points, money, extra life, extra time),
- great realtime visual effects such as explosions, smoke, shots
and lava,
- support for various screen resolutions and aspects,
- window and fullscreen mode,
- hardware 3D graphics acceleration.

Upload Date:Oct 23 2020
Size:19 MB
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