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Description:Galaga Clone Shoot 2D, port by BeWorld
MorphOS Port by BeWorld
--MOS Readme--

-Modify resolution 800x600 Window / audio SDL
-Add a new shortcut : ESC - F11
-Some personnel Improvement (more stars, bigger font ....)

Enjoy now with this small cool galaga game


Donate to beworld(AT)sfr.fr

--End MOS Readme--

--Original readme--
XGalaga v2.0

Copyright (c) 1995-1998 Joe Rumsey
XGalaga Home Page: http://rumsey.org/xgal.html

Please see the file INSTALL for installation instructions.

This is the first game I've written for X from "scratch" (the
graphics interface is borrowed, I wrote everything else), but is by no
means my first game. I have written several popular shareware games
for the Amiga, and plan to start porting them to X. This project is
to help me get used to X and to fine tune the graphics routines to
make the next project easier.

Previous versions of this game were released as shareware. However,
it was never really worth my while. Therefore, with apologies to the
good souls that sent their payments in, I have placed it under the GNU
GPL. See COPYING for details

See the file INSTALL for installation instructions.

Command line options:
-scores Print out the high score tables and exit
-nosound Turn sound off on platforms with sound support
-level <level> Set the starting level to <level>
-window Start in windowed mode instead of fullscreen
-winsize <WxH> Window size (default 468x596)
<anything else> print usage and version.

Basic instructions:
It's Galaga, you know how to play Galaga, stop bothering me.
(Ship follows the mouse, button fires. Auto-fire by holding it
down, so no-one accuses me of breaking their mouse!)

Keyboard commands:

p - pauses
q - end this game
s - toggle sound if your system supports it

Controls: left_arrow - move left
right_arrow - move right
space_bar - fire

Galaga code:
Joe Rumsey (mrogre@mediaone.net)
X interface:
Bill Dyess(dyessww@eng.auburn.edu),
Rob Forsman(thoth@cis.ufl.edu),
and about a million others.

Sound server/interface:
Sujal Patel (smpatel@wam.umd.edu)
Paul Kendall (paul@kcbbs.gen.nz) (Sun and NAS support)

Joe Rumsey (ogre@atomic.com)
Mike McGrath (mcgrath@epx.cis.umn.edu)

SDL port:
Andy Tarkinson
Frank Zago
Dan Espen

Thanks: Alec Habig for mirroring it at indiana
Johnathan Hardwick for testing on many
different platforms and sending bug fixes
Koala team in France for bug fixes and for writing the XPM
All the dupes^H^H^H^H^Hnetrekers who helped
test it at the earliest stages.
Bill Clarke (bill@discworld.anu.edu.au) for high score hacks
Everyone that's written me thanking me, and especially
the few who sent the five bucks in.

--end of original readme--

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