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Description:A MorphOS port of OpenJK JediAcademy by BSzili.
Developer/Porter:Szilárd Biró

Full game method #1:
1) Open CD1, go into GameData/GameData, and copy the Base drawer into your
OpenJK drawer.
2) Open CD2, and repeat the process above. You should new have assets0.pk3,
assets1.pk3 and assets2.pk3 in your Base.
3) Download the 1.01 patch (assets3.pk3) from here:
4) Copy assets3.pk3 into Base where the other assets?.pk3 are, and you are done.
5) If the game fills up all your RAM during load time and your system freezes,
try to lower the graphics settings, especially the Texture Detail.

Full game method #2:
1) Install the game on a Windows/Linux machine and apply the official 1.01
patch, or buy the game on Steam.
2) Copy the Base drawer into the openjk drawer.

1) Install the demo on a Windows/Linux machine.
2) Copy the Demo drawer into the OpenJK drawer and rename it to Base.
3) Go into Base, open assets0.pk3 in any archiver (it's a ZIP file), and extract ui/demo_ingame.txt and ui/demo_menus.txt.
4) Go into ui and remove the "demo_" prefix from the name of the two files, so you have ui/ingame.txt and ui/menus.txt in your Base.

Upload Date:Aug 19 2016
Size:5 MB
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