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Description:DAAD Reborn Compiler Frontend
Developer/Porter:Stefan Haubenthal
Short: DAAD Reborn Compiler Frontend
Author: @uto_dev (Carlos S�nchez)
Uploader: polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Type: game/edit
Version: 0.27
Architecture: ppc-morphos; other
URL: https://github.com/daad-adventure-writer/DRC/wiki

DAAD Reborn Compiler Frontend 0.27 (C) Uto 2018-2021
Syntax: drf <target> [subtarget] <file.DSF> [output.json] [options] [additional symbols]

file.DSF is a DAAD 0.27 source file.

<target> is the target machine, one of this list: ZX, CPC, C64, CP4, MSX,
MSX2, PCW, PC, AMIGA or ST. The target machine will be added as if there
were a '#define <target> ' in the code, so you can make the code depend on
target platform. Just to clarify, CP4 stands for Commodore Plus/4

[subtarget] is an parameter only required when the target is ZX, MSX2 or
PC. Will define the internal variable COLS, which can later be used in DAAD
For MSX2 values are a compound value of video mode (from mode 5 to 12,
except 9 and 11) and the with of the charset im pixels, which can be 6 or
8. Example: 5_8, 10_8, 12_6, 7_6, etc.
For PC values can be VGA256, VGA, EGA, CGA or TEXT.
For ZX the values can be PLUS3, ESXDOS, UNO or NEXT.
Please notice subtarget for ZX is only relevant if you use Maluva, if you
don't use it or you don't know what it is, choose any of the targets, i.e.

[output.json] is optional file name for output json file, if missing, drf
will just use same name of input file, but with .json extension.

[options] may be or more of the following:
-verbose: verbose output
-no-semantic: DRF won't make a semantic analysis so condacts like MESSAGE x where message #x does not exist will be ignored.
-semantic-warnings: DRF will just show semantic errors as warnings, but won't stop compilation
-force-normal-messages: all xmessages will be treated as normal messages
-force-x-messages: all user messages will be created as xmessages. Does not affect those written in the MTX table.

[additional symbols] is an optional comma separated list of other symbols
that would be created, so for instance if that parameter is "p3", then
#ifdef "p3" will be true, and if that parameter is "p3,p4" then also #ifdef
"p4" would be true.

Creates ZX Spectrum TAP files from DAAD DDB file and database
daadmaker <TAP file> <INT file> <DDB file> [SDG file] [SCR file] [CHR file] [loader file]

<TAP file> : output TAP file
<INT file> : ZX Spectrum interpreter file
<DDB file> : input DDB file
[SDG file] : input SDG file (optional)
[SCR file] : input SCR file (optional)
[CHR file] : input CHR file (optional)
[loader file] : alternative basic loader, already in tap format (optional)

Please notice parameters after third one will be identified by file
extension, depending on if it's SDG, SCR, CHR or TAP. A CHR file is a 2048
bytes file with the definition of a charset (o bytes per character, 256

Make CPC run file on PC. VERSION 3 FILE VERSION 0
(c) 1989-2018 Infinite Imaginations.
Original code for CP/M written by T.J.Gilberts using Hisoft C.
Rebuilt in pascal by Uto in 2018

SYNTAX: MCRF <target file> <interpreter file> <text DDB file> <graphics file> [font file]


Important: The interpreter and graphics files should have an AMSDOS header.
The DDB (text database) one may have it or not, MCRF will auto-detect it.
CHR files are raw definition of 8x8 characters, 256 total, so it should be
a 256 x 8 bytes file (2048). If an Amsdos header is present, it will be

Upload Date:Nov 28 2021
Size:599 KB
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