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Description:POSIX compatibility library for vbcc.
Developer/Porter:Frank Wille
Short: POSIX compatibility library for vbcc
Author: Frank Wille, Peter Pettersson
Uploader: frank phoenix owl de
Type: dev/c
Version: 3.0
Requires: vbcc ANSI-C compiler V0.9 or greater
Architecture: ppc-morphos; ppc-amigaos; ppc-powerup; ppc-warpup; m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4


The C-library of the vbcc compiler only includes those functions
required by the ANSI/ISO-C standard and nothing more. But sometimes,
especially when porting projects from the Unix world, you need more
than that.

This linker library contains the most important POSIX functions
and some other useful UNIX functions, which are not in the standard

The math functions (e.g. hypot()) require an FPU, which means you
cannot run it on all 68000 systems.

Since 2.0 it also includes the most important TCP/IP network
functions, which are implemented through bsdsocket.library (only
opened when really needed!). The main advantages in combining
bsdsocket with PosixLib is the possibility to use a common set of
file- and socket-descriptors as well as clean header files which
don't conflict with vbcc's standard headers.

Most of the modifications and new functions in 2.0 are a result of
porting the latest 'cvs' to the Amiga.

Most of the modifications and new functions in 3.0 are a result of
Peter Pettersson's porting of 'libgit2' to the Amiga.


PosixLib is copyright 2003-2022 by Frank Wille and Peter Pettersson.

This archive may be freely used for commercial and non-commercial
purposes and redistributed without modifications.

This release includes:

POSIX: access, basename, chdir, chmod, chown, close, creat,
dirname, dup, dup2, fclose, fcntl, fdopen, fileno, fopen,
freopen, fstat, getgid, getegid, getenv, geteuid, getgrnam,
getgrgid, getlogin, getlogin_r, getpid, getppid, getpwnam,
getpwuid, getpwuid_r, getuid, gmtime_r, kill, link,
localtime_r, lseek, lstat, mkdir, open, read, readlink,
rename, rmdir, setgid, setegid, seteuid, setuid, stat,
strcoll, strnlen, sysconf, umask, unlink

Net: accept, bind, connect, gethostbyaddr, gethostbyname,
gethostname, gethostid, getnetbyaddr, getnetbyname,
getprotobyname, getprotobynumber, getservbyname,
getservbyport, getpeername, getsockname, getsockopt,
inet_addr, inet_network, inet_lnaof, inet_makeaddr,
inet_netof, inet_ntoa, listen, recv, recvfrom, recvmsg,
send, sendto, sendmsg, setsockopt, shutdown, socket

cgetcap, cgetclose, cgetent, cgetfirst, cgetmatch, cgetnext,
cgetnum, cgetset, cgetstr, cgetustr, tgetent, tgetstr, tgetflag,
tgetnum, tgoto, tputs, t_getent, t_getnum, t_getflag, t_getstr,
t_agetstr, t_getterm, t_goto, t_puts, t_freent, t_setinfo

Other: alphasort, asprintf, bcmp, bcopy, bzero, closedir,
endgrent, endpwent, err, errx, fchdir, fchmod, fchown,
fgetln, ffs, fnmatch, fseeko, fstatfs, ftello,
ftruncate, futime, getcwd, getdtablesize, getgrent,
getopt, getopt_long, getpass, getpwent, gettimeofday,
glob, globfree, hypot, index, isatty, killpg, mkstemp,
mktemp, opendir, pclose, popen, pread, pwrite, random,
readdir, realpath, rewinddir, rindex, scandir, select,
setenv, setgrent, setpwent, settimeofday, sleep, statfs,
strcasecmp, strdup, strncasecmp, symlink, tzset, unsetenv,
utime, utimes, vasprintf, verr, verrx, vwarn, vwarnx, warn, warnx

The list will continue to grow... :)


since 1.0:
- New: getpid, getppid, kill, killpg.
- Fixed gettimeofday, which was wrong by one hour.
- Added POSIX string.h and signal.h header files, which include
the standard vbcc headers with the same name using #include_next.

since 1.1:
- New: fclose, fdopen, fileno, fopen, freopen.
fclose, fopen and freopen have to replace their counterparts from
vclib to make it work!
- New: pclose, popen (using PIPE: device).
- New: link, symlink. No readlink though, which is... special.
- New: mktemp, mkstemp, fchmod.
- New: tzset (no tzfiles supported, and much more is still missing).
- New: select, but only supports sockets at the moment, and no
file descriptors.
- New: getpass reads password from CONSOLE: without echoing typed chars.
- New: Many network functions, based on bsdsocket.library V4.
- New: err, errx, verr, verrx, warn, warnx, vwarn, vwarnx (BSD).
- New: rename replaces vclib-rename, because POSIX allows destination
file to exist and replaces it.
- New: getenv replaces vclib-getenv, because POSIX doesn't overwrite
the last returned variable, which is allowed in ANSI/ISO-C.
- New: password and group functions: getlogin, getpwnam, getpwuid,
getpwent, setpwent, endpwent, getgrnam, getgrgid, getgrent, setgrent,
endgrent. Therefore usergroup.library is not required for most
The user is determined by the environment variables USER, LOGUSER or
USERNAME. Home directory is HOME or SYS:. Groups are always NULL.
- stdint.h has to replace vbcc's stdint.h because it is not aware of
machine/int_types.h. Added machine/int_mwgwtypes.h, machine/int_const.h
and machine/int_limits.h for completeness.
- More types in sys/types.h.
- Owner and world protection mode flags of a file were swapped (caused
by open(), creat(), chmod()). Fixed.
- open(): Fixed problems with O_TRUNC on existing files. Using
SetFileSize() now with fallback to Open(name,MODE_NEWFILE).
- open(): All files, even O_WRONLY ones, are opened in shared access mode!
This allows to open a file multiple times for writing (POSIX does it
like that!).
- Fixed chdir() and fchdir() which must not unlock and free the
process' original work directory! Now preserve it and restore on

since 2.0:
- Sorry! Forgot to include the new header directories netinet, arpa,
clib, libraries and net in the release archive!

since 2.1:
- New: random, hypot
- New POSIX functions: basename and dirname.
- Fixed rename(), which has to remove the target even when protected.
- open() returns EFAULT when file name is NULL-pointer and works with
handlers which doesn't support Lock().
- Fixed popen(), which didn't work at all. There is still the restriction
that pclose() doesn't wait for the process being terminated and doesn't
return the correct exit code.

since 2.2:
- New: fsync, usleep.
- New: ioctl (for sockets only).
- New string functions: strlcpy, strlcat, strsep.
- New: flock. Based on LockRecord(), which means it doesn't work for
all file systems (e.g. not for SFS). WARNING: When not supported, the
flock-operation will be simulated as being always successful!
- New: scandir, alphasort.
- Included malloc.h header for compatibility (just includes stdlib.h).
- Improved select(), which also supports non-blocking files and
interactive (blocking) input files - to some extent. Emulation is not
perfect though, and waiting for interactive files has to be done
sequentially by WaitForChar().
- Fixed gethostbyaddr() macro, which was missing the last argument.
- Fixed most functions operating on file-descriptors to return an
error when the descriptor is a socket.
- Fixed accept(), which didn't return a valid PosixLib file-descriptor,
but the original AmiTCP descriptor.
- Improved Unix-to-Amiga-path conversion routine.
- RAND_MAX had to be increased to 0x7fffffff in stdlib.h for random().
- Included rand() and srand() to overwrite vclib's functions, which
are compiled for RAND_MAX=0x7fff.
- Fixed getcwd(), which always reported the original directory name.
- Fixed problems with creating files in read-only mode. Unix allows
writing to them, AmigaOS does not. So setting the mode is delayed
until the file is closed.
- Included features of latest (vbcc 0.8j) vclib.

since 2.3:
- New: strcoll (behaves identical to strcmp).
- New: setenv() and unsetenv() set and delete local environment variables.
- New: asprintf() and vasprintf() - allocate output buffer.
- New: fgetln() reads line from file and allocates buffer for it.
- New: termcap functions from NetBSD. A termcap can be defined by the
TERMCAP environment variable or the path to a termcap file by TERMPATH.
Default is to look for a termcap-file in PROGDIR:.termcap and in
Implemented functions: tgetent, tgetstr, tgetflag, tgetnum, tgoto, tputs.
New BSD interface: t_getent, t_getnum, t_getflag, t_getstr, t_agetstr,
t_getterm, t_goto, t_puts, t_freent, t_setinfo.
- Fixed evil memory deallocation bugs, caused by the stdio constructor
in the last version.

since 2.4:
- Included quad_t types in sys/types.h.
- Added obsolete timezone in sys/time.h for compatibility.
- Missing network headers: netinet/in_systm.h, netinet/ip.h, netinet/tcp.h.
- Missing define from sys/stat.h: S_ISSOCK.
- fstat() on sockets works now and sets st_mode to _S_IFSOCK.
- Adapted for vbcc 0.9 and latest OS4 SDK.

since 2.5:
- Fixed bcopy().
- lseek() does not longer extend a read-only file, when seeking past
the end of the file.
- Some changes due to latest AmigaOS4 SDK. No guarantee that it still works.

since 2.6:
- Added fseeko() and ftello(), which have currently the same function as
fseek() and ftell().
- New: ftruncate(), getlogin_r(), getpwuid_r(), gmtime_r(), localtime_r(),
lstat(), pread(), pwrite(), readlink(), realpath(), strlnlen(), sysconf().
- unlink() now also deletes empty directories and soft-links.
- Added header files to define endianess: _BYTE_ORDER, etc.
- Fixed problem with hypot() assembler inlines in some targets.
- mktemp() has to replace the trailing group of "X" only.
- AmigaDOS delete- and write-protection flags should both map to POSIX


You will find linker libraries for any Amiga target supported by
the vbcc compiler in its sub directory. You may pick those libraries
you need and copy them into their appropriate vlibXXX: directory.
Optionally you leave them where they are and just use the -L
option to define the library-path.

DON'T copy the PosixLib header files into vincludeXXX:! You would
overwrite standard headers, like string.h, stdio.h, stdlib.h, etc. !
You have to include the PosixLib header file path BEFORE the standard
header file path, using the -I option, to make it work. Of course
you may decide to make a special config file for PosixLib.

It is recommended to use the -L and -I options of the compiler to
locate libraries and header files of PosixLib.

NOTE that this PosixLib is only compatible with vbcc's vclib from
V0.9 and greater! The names of some internal variables have changed!

Full source text is included. So feel free to recompile everything
with the optimization- and CPU-settings of your choice, port it
to a different compiler, or even add some more functions!


Serveral functions set errno to 0. This is probably not a big problem.
Since functions typically are allowed to set errno to non-zero on success
the user can't rely on the errno value to determine if a function was

Escaping doesn't handle [ and ? (should insert ' before, if escaped).
AmigaDOS specific wildcards #%|~'() aren't handled.
Negated character sets specified with [! aren't handled.

gmtime_r / localtime_r
Functions aren't threadsafe and modify the buffers used by gmtime and

ftruncate should zero out data if expanding a file, SetFileSize doesn't
do this automatically.

lseek calls SetFileSize(). See ftruncate.

Upload Date:Mar 28 2022
Size:366 KB
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