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Description:Extract/list InstallShield Cabinet archs
Developer/Porter:Stefan Haubenthal
Short: Extract/list InstallShield Cabinet archs
Author: david@activout.se (David Eriksson)
Uploader: polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Type: util/arc
Version: 1.5.1
Replaces: util/arc/unshield05-mos.lha
Architecture: ppc-morphos


src/unshield [-c COMPONENT] [-d DIRECTORY] [-D LEVEL] [-g GROUP]
[-i VERSION] [-e ENCODING] [-GhlOrV] c|g|l|t|x CABFILE

-c COMPONENT Only list/extract this component
-d DIRECTORY Extract files to DIRECTORY
-D LEVEL Set debug log level
0 - No logging (default)
1 - Errors only
2 - Errors and warnings
3 - Errors, warnings and debug messages
-g GROUP Only list/extract this file group
-h Show this help message
-i VERSION Force InstallShield version number (don't autodetect)
-e ENCODING Convert filename character encoding to local codepage
from ENCODING (implicitly sets -R)
-j Junk paths (do not make directories)
-L Make file and directory names lowercase
-O Use old compression
-r Save raw data (do not decompress)
-R Don't do any conversion to file and directory names
when extracting.
-V --version Print copyright and version information

c List components
g List file groups
l List files
t Test files
x Extract files

CABFILE The file to list or extract contents of
FILENAME... Optionally specify names of specific files to extract
(wildcards are supported)

Upload Date:Apr 14 2022
Size:126 KB
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